Dog Ear Infection: Treatment At Home

Treating ear infections in dogs

Ask any veterinarian about the most common medical problem that dogs experience. The answer will likely be canine ear infections — those incredibly uncomfortable conditions where a dog’s ears stink and itch. Today, one of the most sought-after treatments at vet clinics is how to treat dog ear infections.

  • Does your dog have itchy ears?
  • Is your dog scratching his ears or shaking his head quite often?
  • Have you noticed your dog has smelly ears, heat around them, or a thick, black-colored discharge coming from them?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above symptoms, your dog could have an irritating ear infection. Many pet owners first realize that something’s wrong when their dog has itchy ears or painful, stinky ears with a black discharge. If this sounds like your pup, check with your veterinarian as soon as you can to get a detailed diagnosis.

Fortunately, because Banixx Pet Care is both an antibacterial and antifungal for dogs, it provides an easy answer to the question of how to get rid of a canine ear infection. And, because Banixx is potent yet tender on tissue, it can be used daily, as a routine dog ear cleaning solution, to help keep infections from starting or even coming back. Home made Pet wipes (also called ear wipes for dogs) are an easy, convenient, inexpensive way to handle your weekly (or more often) ear cleaning routine for your canine. You can use Banixx up to three times daily, and it won’t harm your dog’s eyes if it should accidentally get in them. Banixx is the perfect home remedy for dog ear care to treat and prevent a dog ear infection.  It’s easy on the checkbook too.

For more information on natural ways to manage a dog ear infection treatment at home, please visit our most recent blog post.

Banixx Reviews - What Our Customers Have to Say

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I would highly recommend Banixx for every pet owner - from dogs, to cats, to horses, and everything in between. This stuff is seriously amazing and has saved me multiple trips to the vet. From hot spots, to ear infections, to flea bites. I always keep this on-hand!
This product has been very helpful for my dog's allergies. I also use it to clean her ears. I am very pleased with Banixx.
This stuff is great. I definitely recommend it prior to going to the vet and throwing money away. We still made sure to clean our dog's ear out every couple of days but this stuff worked miracles.
Absolutely amazing! Cleared up my Dog's ear infection in 3 days with no odor or drama. My dog gets a lot of hotspots and is very itchy in the summer due to allergies. I can't wait to test it out then.
I was very skeptical of this product until I tried it. It works great on my dogs nose and ears I love that it's non toxic and it healed his cut right up in a couple days also cleans his ears better then the ear cleaner we got from the vet.
Banixx is a great product for ear infections for my dog! I really recommend trying it! it lives up to expectations.
As other comments stated this treatment is really good. Since it's odorless and it is very watery you would not be able to tell if it is actually working. After a week it looks like the ear infection is getting better, but I may have to order another bottle.
Another great Banixx product. It was costing me over one hundred dollars every time my lab had an ear infection. Now every time I notice him shaking his head I start putting the Banixx in his ear. No doctor!
I have a hound who is prone to ear infections and yeast infections, I used this for a week and his ears have really cleared up!

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What Causes Dog Ear Infections?

Common causes of dog ear infections include:

  • Ear fungus, which is often called an ear yeast infection
  • Bacterial infection
  • Ear mites

Below is a detailed look at some of these culprits that may be affecting your Pup.

Yeast Infection (Ear Fungus) in Dogs’ Ears

When it comes to fungal ear infections in canines, yeast is the most common criminal. If your dog is experiencing frequent fungal ear infections, more than likely there’s a contributing underlying condition. This question needs to be resolved if you are to achieve a long-lasting cure. One common issue that could result in chronic ear infections affecting your dog is some sort of allergy, such as an allergy to food or something within his environment. We recommend that you speak with your veterinarian early about potential food and/or environmental allergies to determine if this is indeed the cause.

Bacterial Infections

dog ear mites vs yeast infectionIn addition to yeast/fungal ear infections, many dogs may also experience bacterial ear infections that can either be picked up from an outside source (pathogenic) or come from common bacteria on the body (non-pathogenic).

Does your dog have long, heavy ears, or spend every chance that he gets in water?  Ear infections are more common in some popular dog breeds, such as the cocker spaniel, basset hound, beagle, and dachshund, all of which have long, heavy ears.  These breeds are predisposed to ear infections because this ear type does not allow for good airflow and traps moisture, providing a fertile ground for bacteria to grow.

Dogs that are frequent swimmers, such as Labradors, often succumb to this disease. Regardless of the breed, when harmful bacteria becomes trapped, it can lead to an infection and possibly inflammation of the inner ear — known as otitis interna. It’s important to schedule an appointment with your veterinarian as soon as symptoms are detected to identify the type of infection and treatment. Since excess moisture is a common cause of bacterial infections, it’s essential to thoroughly dry your dog’s ears after baths and swimming.  If the infection does not clear up in a few days, a follow-up examination may be necessary with your vet.

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Dog Ear Mites

When a dog is scratching her ears or shaking her head quite often, ear mites in your dog may very well be the problem. A qualified veterinarian can determine if ear mites are the issue or if it is an actual infection that is causing the symptoms.

If ear mites are the issue, getting a prescription for a simple, fast-working antiparasitic formulation should get rid of the problem. Unfortunately, mites tend to burrow into the ear tissue, which means they can literally live off your dog's ear tissue, such as ear wax. This “burrowing” causes open sores that subsequently get infected.

Banixx Pet Care, used in conjunction with the antiparasitic prescription that your vet provides, (to kill the mites) will clear up the infection and repair the damage left behind by the ear mites. Banixx is especially beneficial in soothing the ravages resulting from your dog's intense scratching with his claws, which may have even caused the ear tissue to bleed.

While preventing any infection is certainly best, it’s good to know that many ear infections can be managed quite effectively at your own home once the underlying cause is properly diagnosed. Use Banixx as an ear wipe for your pup. Simply moisten a cotton ball or sterile gauze with Banixx and wipe away! Keeping your pet’s ears cleaned regularly with Banixx Pet Care can help prevent chronic outbreaks.  But should an ear infection take hold, Banixx can also provide a soothing, anti-fungal/anti-bacterial environment to help rid your pet of pain and discomfort throughout the healing process. It is a formidable antifungal, antibacterial product for dogs, so you can be rest assured that you’re on the right track when you use it. Buy Banixx or buy online.

ear mites in dogs

How to Use Banixx To Treat Ear Infections in Dogs at Home

Here’s how to use Banixx for a dog ear infection treatment as a home remedy:

  1. Gently wipe the inside of your dog's ear with a cotton ball saturated (but not dripping) with Banixx, 2-3 times daily.
  2. Make sure to coat the inside of the ear liberally with Banixx, and massage it into the ear tissue.
  3. TIP - Soak time is important, so you may need to temporarily distract your dog with his favorite treat or toy immediately after applying Banixx so that your dog gets the full benefit.  It's always good to bring a little positivity into the experience

Results should be seen in a couple of days. As long as the Banixx solution comes in contact with the infected area, it will do the job. Of course, Q-tips or other cotton swabs should never be used in your dog's inner ear. The lining of a dog's ear is quite delicate, and you wouldn't want to damage it, causing further harm. Swabs can be used for the outer ear but should never be used on the inner ear.

If your dog is fearful, due to the pain of the infection, you may begin with a dry cotton ball and gradually moisten it. It’s important to remember that Banixx works on contact with the ear tissue so, as you progress, be sure that the inside of the ear is wet with Banixx – but not dripping. As the ear infection subsides with regular applications, it will manifest as a good pain reliever for your dog – no infection equals no pain!

As an alternative method, you can spray Banixx into your dog’s ear, which many dogs handle surprisingly well, without fear. Here are some tips to make the process easier:

  • Bring Banixx to room temperature. If in doubt, run the bottle under some warm water to ensure this; no one likes a cold liquid sprayed into his/her ear.  NEVER use the microwave or any other external heat source!
  • Close off the ear. “Close” off the ear, using the dog's ear flap, and massage the Banixx gently around inside it. This will help prevent your dog from shaking his head post-treatment, covering you and your environment with Banixx.
  • Apply a good coating. A good coating of Banixx, throughout the inside of the ear, is required since it works on contact and goes to work immediately.

Perhaps the best thing about Banixx is the fact that it is very effective at quickly targeting the infection without the side effects of dog ear infection prescriptions. Many of the available ear infection medicines are not the most pleasant because they:

  • Are oily (getting onto your carpet and furniture)
  • Have an unpleasant odor (this frightens your dog, who has an incredible sense of smell)
  • Burn or sting your pet (also panics your dog)

Banixx, on the other hand, has no clinical odor/foreign scent and no burn/sting to worry your pooch, making treatment a breeze for both of you! A cotton ball that is saturated with Banixx can be used gently on the inside of the ear canal to clean it and/or treat it, but without the high prescription price.

If you’re tired of using antibiotic after antibiotic for your dog’s ears, consider giving Banixx a try to provide the perfect home remedy when your dog starts to develop an ear infection. Use it at the first hint of an infection so that it never gets a foothold requiring a visit to your vet.

As always, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. By “prevention” we mean being proactive and involved in your pet’s welfare.  If you have been using Banixx for a particular probem and positive results are not seen within a few days, or if the situation seems worse – don’t hesitate – it’s time to consult with your local veterinarian!

Find Banixx in local stores and online. Offering the potency of a dog ear medicine prescription without the high cost and medical bills, Banixx is not only pain-free, but thanks to its affordable price, it doesn't hurt your pocketbook either!  It’s the ideal product for the treatment of your dog’s ear issues and daily hygiene.

For more information on natural treatments and home remedies, please visit our most recent blog post:

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After Banixx
Customers 5-star Comments Saying Banixx is the Best Treatment for Dog Ear Infections
My dog Jazzy suffered with ear infections for years. We had tried everything, including multiple trips to the Vet. A friend suggested Banixx and it's changed Jazzy's life! She didn't even mind when we applied it directly into her ears!Larissa F. (via FaceBook)
I have been dealing with my dogs ear problems for years. Used this twice and have not had any further problems. She is no longer miserable. Definitely worth the price and then some.By T. S. (Amazon Customer)
I use this for my dog. He has a tendency to get yeast infections in his ear often. This help heal it without hurting him. Also, helps heal any scrapes or wounds he gets as well!By Amazon Customer