Antiseptic and Anti-fungal Spray For Dogs And Other Pets (8oz)

Antiseptic And Anti-fungal Spray For Dogs, Cats And Other Pets (8oz)

Give your Pet the First Aid relief that she deserves with Banixx Pet Care.  Use our fast-acting solution to give soothing support for hot spots, ear infections, dry itchy skin, ringworm, rashes, abrasions and wounds on your dogs/puppies, cats/kittens and any other pets. It’s sting-free, non-oily or sticky and made without any steroids, alcohol, antibiotics. So, no mess, no burn, no odor! Safe when used around the eyes or if ingested by licking and suitable for the most sensitive pets. This fragrance-free, colorless, non-toxic formula is cost-effective and  Vet recommended. Relief can really be this simple!  Spray 2-3 times daily for 6-8 days, or, as needed.

  • Ear Infections: Banixx serves as a cat or dog ear infection remedy, whether that infection is caused by fungus, yeast, bacteria or ear mites.
  • Hot Spots: Used as a hot spot spray for dogs, Banixx is a sting-free solution for relieving the pain of the red, moist, painful rash known as a hot spot.
  • Ringworm: When your pet’s dealing with the scaly, dry itchy skin rashes and/or hair loss associated with the fungal infection ringworm, the anti-fungal power of Banixx gives you a way to treat it.
  • Wounds: Help your pet’s skin repair after an injury or other wound by spraying odor-free, sting-free Banixx on the area. Voted #1 Best Dog or Cat Wound Spray.
  • Dry, Itchy skin: Ease this skin problem in your dog with twice-daily applications of our non-toxic, rapid-relief Pet Spray. Included in this category are dog skin yeast infections that are extremely itchy. 
  • Use Banixx Pet Care as the ideal dog ear rinse or ear flush. With no burn/sting, no added fragrance, it’s a breeze to apply. And rest assured, it’s completely safe around the eye.

Key Details:

  • Especially effective at combatting dog and cat ear infections and provides immediate recovery of hot spots, yeast infections, ringworm, cuts, scratches, dry, itchy skin, rashes and wounds
  • Made without using steroids, alcohol, or fragrances.
  • A sting-free and, importantly, an odor-free relief
  • Clinically-proven safe around the eye, nose & mouth.
  • Three-year-long shelf-life and resistant to heat and freezing exposure
  • Made in the USA

But don't just take our word for it. Read on to see what our customers say!

But don’t just take our word for it. Read Banixx reviews see what our customers say!
Recently my Lab had a few black fly bites on his belly AND somehow my indoor cat had a tiny patch of ringworm on his face (we had work done in the house so maybe one of the guys tracked it indoors). Anyway, after much research I bought a small bottle of this Banixx spray. I was happy to see that the expiration date isn't until December of 2024 because many times, you buy a product and are encouraged to use an entire bottle/tube within maybe 1 year. Anyway, it's true that this spray has no scent or fragrance. 3 times per day, I gave a little spritz to Ned's belly bites and my cat's forehead. It didn't seem to sting and aside from my cat being annoyed, no problems. Ned's black fly bites are healing nicely and I know that the ringworm will take longer to treat, but so far it's drying out and looks like it's progressing through the healing stages. In case it helps. I hope this review is helpful to other pet parents!
By SalemLab on Chewy
My cat had ringworm on his forehead. I sprayed this product on a cotton ball and gently wiped (without getting in his eyes) on the affected area about 3 times a day. The ringworm cleared up in about 2-3 weeks!! I couldn’t believe how well this works. Great product!!!
By Crystal on Chewy
I have a German Shepherd, yellow lab, rottweiler mix. He has large ears that flop over and are prone to infections. We battled his ear infection for almost a year. Used antibiotics, a multitude of topical ointments. This was the last resort before surgery, just figured I would give it a shot. Within a week I could see a huge difference and now a month later it is completely gone. I'm so grateful I found this! I will always keep a bottle around just in case.
By Mikayla Lynn Charise Plackowski on Amazon
My dog will get dry skin and sore/redness in his inner thighs from excessive licking, which fortunately he only does on occasion. Using this spray in the affected area gets it cleared up and his skin looking great by the next day. Would definitely recommend if you need to get your dogs sore skin cleared up quickly.
By Ed B on Amazon
This has worked wonders at clearing a chronic left ear infection in my Lab. The prescription ear drops and biweekly ear washes never worked for longer than a month. Even after changing her food to remove possible allergens. When I read the reviews for Banixx I was very skeptical, but decided our Vet was there if this didn’t work. Banixx is odorless, which makes treating her ear a lot easier. After using it on a gauze square 2xday for 3 days the ear was no longer red and swollen. I still use it weekly for maintenance. Great stuff - wish I’d found it 6 months ago.
By Paige Smith on Amazon
Members in my cat group highly recommend Banixx with the oral prescription med Intrafungol for feline ringworm to quicken the results. It did! Told my vet about it and the ingredients in Banixx is great for ringworm but in more serious cases, oral meds are recommended with this product. Helped kitten stop scratching and new hairs grew back pretty fast! No strong smell and kitten didn't have any allergic reactions. Highly recommend for feline ringworm!
By Amazon Customer on Amazon
Works for ears, cuts, hot spots, and more. Best of all, my German Shepherd does not put up a fight when I approach him with this. He does not even shake his ears. Can’t beat that. He usually covers me in whatever is applied to him.
By Kat M. on Amazon
My cat is older and has bad reaction to fleas. Any kind of treatment stresses him out. He runs and hides. My son's dog had fleas and hot spots. I sprayed them both neither ran. The hot spots disappeared after a few treatments and my cat has grown most of his fur back. He lets me pet him now. No more hiding. I wish I knew of this sooner!
By Gabs on Chewy
My American Bully had a rash on his back. We saw the reviews on this product and ordered. It has only been 1 week, and we have seen much improvement in the lessened redness and swelling! Seems to be healing and will continue to use and will reorder when on stock. Highly recommend!!
By Maxx on Chewy
My persian had ear fungus inside and out for over a year. The vet tried all kinds of meds, but it never went away. I saw a review for Banixx on the internet that said it cured a cats ear fungus. I had nothing to lose, so I tried it. My cat has been fungus free for 2 years now!
By Meko on Chewy

But don't just take our word for it. Read on to see what our customers say!