Banixx Success Stories/Reviews/Testimonials

Banixx for dogs

This is our dog Rolex, he's an 8-year-old Pit Bull and is a big puppy. We took our 3 dogs to the local park with a large lake. The first throw of the ball, Rolex galloped into the water, and about 10 feet in, he let out a major Yelp and began to limp. I called him to come to me. Once to me, I see his entire leg is covered in deep dark red blood ... this is not good!!

Banixx for dogsI picked him up and rushed him to the bathroom where we washed it off so we could see the damage. His little nub that's located above his declaw in the center of his leg was hanging by 2 flaps of skin. It was about torn off. We wrapped the leg and the next day I took him to my friends over at Inland Valley Vet Supply in Norco, Ca. They suggested Banixx and a cone. Within 10 days he was already looking better!!

Banixx is our "Go To" product and I recommend it to all my clients. (from Matt & Marie via email)

My husband, Dr. Richard Porter DVM, and I own a veterinary clinic. We have used Banixx on our surgery sites with tremendous results! We had one gelding that had cut his leg — it was a severe injury. We used Banixx on the injury. There was less irritation afterward and it healed quickly with little or no swelling. Banixx was a part of his complete recovery.Gwen Porter, Porter Ridge Veterinary Clinic

Bill Long of Southern Pines, NC, drives a 4-in-hand team out of a water hazardBill Long, six-time National Four-In-Hand Champion, affirms his observations:

"I have used Banixx and so have several of my friends in the sport. We are extremely pleased with the results in treating wounds and thrush. I highly recommend Banixx to anyone in the equine industry, in every discipline."

Helen at Freedom Village USA provided this success story:

"Once again, I want you to know how pleased we are with Banixx. One of the horses had scratches and we soaked a gauze pad with Banixx and then wrapped it over night. The next morning, we unwrapped it, and to our surprise, the scabs were already falling off. Banixx is amazing! We love Banixx - Thank you for a wonderfully amazing product."

Dog hot spots after BanixxWe learned of Banixx Pet Care at a show in Pennsylvania. We told the Banixx rep of the problems that our Akita has with Hot Spots. She told us that Hot Spots may have an underlying cause but, despite that, Banixx may give some good relief. We got home and there was Kodi with a huge hot spot! The timing couldn't have been better. We applied Banixx immediately. We used to use a really well-known product and Kodi was immediately uncomfortable and licked it off...making things worse! With Banixx, there was no flinching or licking and it healed in 3-4 days. Before, took over a week! I am a seasoned Dog Handler and we own a Pet shop so we now sell Banixx regularly; it is a product that we really believe in!

" 'Just try it and let me know what you think . . . Banixx', my colleague said. I had just called a member of the Society of Wound Management for advice on a particularly difficult case. I was completely unprepared for the results I saw using Banixx.

This wound was at a complete standstill despite the use of many good products. After beginning Banixx the wound healed in less than a week.

This is the most amazing product I have used on wounds. My clients are as excited as I am. My practice is in a remote rural area and I see lots of bad wounds, many of them chronic. I wish I had had this product 30 years ago and I am grateful that I have it now. I am constantly looking for new ways to use it.

Dr. Adrienne Ruby, Teesto, AZ, Navajo Nation

Rebecca Wolfe, owner of Dillon the Wheaton Terrier from Houston, TX, writes us:

"After many years of going through prescription after prescription for my dog’s skin problems, I came upon Banixx and gave it a try. It only took a couple of weeks to end years of off again, on again skin problems. The hot spots, bacterial infection from licking and fungal spots have disappeared. I use Banixx as a preventative now. I can’t tell how much we spent on steroids and antibiotics over the years. It may not be the cure, but it is an amazing difference and such a pleasure to see my dog without discomfort. Thank you!"

Thrush in HorsesAl Skywalker is currently the #10 all-time leading money winner in Steeplechase history. Jennifer Majette, trainer and owner of Al Skywalker, enthusiastically reports:

"Banixx is one of the most incredible products I have ever used for thrush and wounds. Al had chronic thrush his entire career and we tried everything on the shelf, but nothing really worked until we used Banixx". Jennifer also used it on a thoroughbred race horse that had a severe laceration on his neck that was about eight inches long and about 3/4” deep. She followed the instructions on the Banixx bottle, spraying the wound twice daily. Within 24 hours it was starting to heal and within 7 days it was completely healed with no stitches applied.

In conclusion, Jennifer said: "I gladly recommend Banixx to anyone who owns a horse".

Another success story...An owner brought her dog to our veterinary clinic with a Brown Recluse spider bite. She had applied a bandage the evening before after she noticed the bite. Overnight, the dog had not only chewed through the bandage and through the skin but was also chewing on the muscle. When we examined the dog, the affected area radiated a lot of heat and was severely inflamed. After spraying Banixx on the wound, immediately we felt a reduction in heat and the inflammation lessened. We also treated the bite with the appropriate meds, but 24 hours later, the wound showed very little inflammation, had shrunk in size by 50%, and the heat was gone. It was amazing!

Gwen Porter, Porter Ridge Veterinary Clinic

Sunshine arrived at Sun Bassett Rescue in Florida with a severe case of Demodex all over her body and into her ears (Demodex is a common infestation of a dog’s skin caused by mites). She was treated with Ivermectin liquid to eliminate the mites. Banixx was applied as a soothing, healing agent for the outward skin infection and outbreaks all over her skin and inside her ears. Sunshine made a complete recovery and found a forever home.

SunCoast Bassett Rescue, FL

Thrush in HorsesVicki Kelley, USDF Silver and Bronze Medalist with over 40 years experience as a rider and trainer, Antares Dressage in Pinehurst, NC, relates her story about Banixx:

"I import a number of high-quality dressage horses from Europe for sale. A common problem that I encounter is thrush. I’ve had some cases that were really stubborn and just would not go away with all of the other products that I’ve used. Banixx showed an incredible improvement in a very short period of time and now all of our horses have wonderful, healthy feet. This product will always be on my shelf!"

Dr. Richard Porter"Banixx has quickly become my best helper in the clinic, out of my truck, in the barn, and at the house for virtually every scratch, cut, wound, abrasion, abscess, puncture, and post-surgical clean-up. Having a product like Banixx that is tissue friendly and anti-microbial means faster healing time. A reduction of redness, pain, and swelling is often observed after a single Banixx application. These extra benefits help keep the horse from disturbing the bandaged wounds and traumatizing the injured site.

In my opinion, everyone should switch out those old wound treatment remedies for Banixx. It is a lot easier to stock one great product then a lot of wives' tales! The proof is in the application".

Richard L. Porter, DVM
Porter Ridge Veterinary Clinic & KV Vet Supply

A success story from Lindsey W and Slim - Horse Scratches (Mud fever) - resolved in short order!

Slim, a 17-year-old grey Thoroughbred-Cross, recently got a case of Equine Scratches. However, Lindsey, Slim's owner, was only able to treat his condition every alternate day with Banixx. While a general recommendation for treating Scratches in horses is a twice-daily application of the product, we realize that busy schedules do not always allow for this. However, as you can see from the photos, even at a halved rate of application, the results speak for themselves! Along with a rapid reduction in redness and irritation, there is also a marked diminishment of swelling in the pastern/ankle area.

Lindsey now keeps an eye open for any sign of redness or puffiness around Slim's pasterns and is right there with Banixx at the first sign of trouble!

Scratches Horse Day One using Banixx
Scratches Day 7 using Banixx
Scratches Day 14 using Banixx
scratches horse lindsey

Look: Results in Days!

From Pam Kister, via Facebook:

"One of the horses had Scratches, we soaked gauze pads with Banixx and wrapped it the morning, the scabs were already falling off! Banixx is amazing!" Helen from Freedom Village USA, New York

"Banixx is a wonderful product. I have a horse in my barn that gets scratches and rain rot every year from all the fungus here in PA. This year she had none! We used Banixx as part of her normal grooming routine and she was free of the normal yearly problems. I've recommended Banixx to all my clients especially those with "high white" and bald-faced animals."

Dr. Black has been using Banixx in his equine practice for approximately 1.5 years. He says: "The most common types of cases we have used it for are hoof problems that have an infectious component, topical maintenance for wounds healing by second intention, and for flushing infected, draining puncture wounds. I feel Banixx's strong points are:

  1. It has good anti-bacterial properties
  2. It is friendly to tissue with little tissue reactivity"

Mike Black, DVM, Nebraska Equine Veterinary Clinic

Horse facial cutHillary's Hope is an up-and-coming young Standardbred racehorse who won the NY Sire Stakes LC Event and placed in other LC NYSS Stakes Events. She is owned by Whitney Goodblood and the Morrisville College Foundation. Whitney Goodblood, part-owner, and trainer, describes her experience with Banixx: "Banixx showed a dramatic improvement within seven days of Hillary's Hope's nostril injury. I have never seen a product that could help heal that quickly and cleanly. I recommend Banixx to all horse people. Thanks!"

Ringworm in Cats/Kittens"I was the lucky Horse Box contest winner to win the Banixx prize pack. I subscribed to A Horse Box ( and received your samples in one of my boxes. I have a cat who has had really bad skin problems for the last 4 years. He had ringworm and scabs and had lost almost all his hair on his back and neck. Nothing I tried ever worked or it was really toxic and I could not use it. When I saw your Wound Care was good to use on cats (which is not easy to find) I tried it on him. Well, let me just say that after 3 applications, his hair has grown back, no more ringworm, and I am soooo happy!. Last winter I felt so bad because he did not have much hair on his neck or back, and I am sure he was cold, but now his fur has grown in thick and nice!! His name was Mr. Ringworm because he always got it back, and, now it’s just Mr. R !!! Thanks for such a great product (it is actually amazing!) that you can use on all animals. He is a happy cat now!! Thanks again for such a great product !!"

Posted by Lori S. to the Banixx FaceBook page, October 1, 2014

A sampling of testimonials from SmartPak's Banixx Page:

"I was a little worried to give this a try at first but I had nothing to lose. My mare had a deep huge tear over her stifle, a good 3-4 inches long and high and it was all the way down to the muscle. So I was worried about what to put on it. I did not want to sting the area while spraying something on it but at the same time using a cream was difficult because than bedding and such would stick to the wound unless I wrapped it but as we all know wrapping a stifle does not work too well. so at a local feed store, I saw this product and talked to one of the girls who works there about it. I thought what the heck so I gave it a try. I'm so glad I did!!! it was easy to spray on the wound even though it was at a weird angle. it also helped to keep the flies off the wound as well which was a huge help. 2 months later the wound is smaller than a dime the hair has grown back 100% and in her chestnut color. you can't even see the wound unless you are running your hand along that area and really looking for it. I've also used this for other little scratches and such and within a few days hair is back. i can't say enough for this stuff it looks just like water and does not sting but it works that's all i know and that's all that matters to me!"by rider27
"I was so happy to see SmartPak carrying this product and offering it at such a great price! My vet recommended that I use Banixx after my horse recently injured herself. I’ve been using it daily for the last month and I couldn’t be happier. This product has helped my horse heal from the inside out, it doesn't sting like iodine-based products can, it's incredibly easy to apply, it doesn't have an odor and it's non-staining. I also love that it can be used on horses, cats, dogs and humans alike. Best of all, it’s made in the USA! This product has definitely earned a permanent home in my medicine cabinet. Thank you SmartPak!"by Southpaw13
"I love that this one formula works for my horse and my Jack Russell Terrier. I don't have to find the "canine" version like many other products; which is often just different packaging with the same formula. I had originally started using the product to treat a case of scratches my horse was dealing with(which helped quickly and dramatically). At the same time, my JRT developed a skin issue and had inflamed, damaged skin from the irritation. I brought the Banixx home from the barn and started treating my dog. Within a few hours the skin was noticeably less red and more of a normal pink. The hair started growing back in just a few days and she stopped biting at the area. She even stands still to be sprayed which she never does. This product has soothed and treated her skin beautifully!"by LegacysMom
"This stuff works wonders on an array of wounds, infections and practically anything else your horse may encounter and have show up anywhere on their body from hoof, to head. The great thing with Banixx is that you don't have to worry about it being stored too cold, if it accidentally freezes it will still work. So you can keep it where ever is convenient for you to always have nearby. The amount of product for the price is also a great value and for most thing it's simply spray and leave. Speeds up healing and get your horse back to normal self before you know it without anything harsh or painful for them. No strong smells or toxic anything to worry about for your horses. Check out Banixx Website for some amazing pictures of healing and uses. I've tried another popular and excellent product out there, however the price and it's ability to become inactive by extremely high or low temps makes this option a better value for most."by sweet725

A sampling of testimonials from Dover Banixx Page:

"I use it (Banixx) on my horse's feet whenever a little thrush starts showing up. It is gone within a couple of days!"by Stephanie H
"I have been keeping this on hand and using on my horses who develop thrush. Last year I rescued an old gelding who had rain rot, and it cleared up great."by Jennifer
"This product is amazing!!! I LOVE this product! I use it on my horses, my dogs, and even myself! It heals wounds instantly. Non-greasy, non-sticky….does not sting or irritate. Also great on thrush, tack rubs, skin rashes. Truly a wonderful product….highly recommend it. Best used for: everything and everybody!"by Vicki from Chicago, IL
"Great product, my old dog had a skin infection & was being treated with meds but she kept losing her hair, vet said hair would not come back, within a week not only has the hair grown back but its kept the infection under control a lot better than all the meds we had given her. Spent over $1000 trying to clear this up and the meds made the dog throw up. Try this, it works 100%" by Rita S.
"Banixx was initially recommended to me by my equine vet. After 5 yrs of using the product, I can tell you it is great for cleansing wounds, keeping wounds clean, clear of infection, and for treating conditions such as rain rot, fungal dermatitis, and hoof injuries. We take excellent care of our horses but, occasionally injuries do occur and sometimes skin conditions can pop up suddenly underneath fly boots or fly sheets during our hot and humid summers in the Midwest. I find this product to be excellent at disinfecting. It does not seem to slow down wound healing like Iodine based products can do. It is not irritating or painful for the pet. Also, if a wound needs to be sutured by the vet, I can cleanse it with this product without creating a gooey mess for the vet to try and put sutures in. This product also can be used on dogs for skin conditions. I always have at least one big container on hand."by Liz up North
"I purchased this at the local pet store. My American Bulldog is constantly getting hot spots from allergies and cuts/scrapes from playing rough. This spray is a miracle. I just have to spray it on her scabs and she instantly stops scratching at them and they heal in a day or two. It doesn’t really have a smell, and best of all, she seems to love when I spray it on her hot spots/wounds. Definitely will purchase this again."by AshesCrashes
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