How To Treat Ringworm In Dogs and Puppies With Banixx

What Is Dog Ringworm?

Ringworm is one of the most fungal common skin conditions affecting pets of all shapes and sizes, from horses and show cattle (yes, livestock get ringworm too) to dogs and cats. If you’re new to dogs, you might think this condition involves worms, but actually, nothing could be farther from the truth. Ringworm in dogs is a skin infection caused by a fungus that lives on the dead tissues of skin and hair.  This dead skin/hair tissue process is completely normal and happens all the time in animals as well as humans. Ringworm can be transmitted from animal to animal, human to animal, animal to human and through contamination of the fungus in the environment.

"What does ringworm look like on a dog?"

The best indicator of ringworm in dogs is a small circular pinkish bare spot --about the size of a dime--where your dog has lost all of its hair. But in severe cases, you could see lesions, scaling, and crusting. Ringworm’s symptoms make it a fairly easy problem to identify, but it’s always a good idea to consult your veterinarian for a definitive diagnosis.

Banixx is the preferred, effective ringworm treatment for dogs and cats. The reason Banixx is such a successful solution is its potent anti-fungal properties.  Banixx's low pH composition makes it impossible for fungus and its wily army of fungal spores to survive - they simply cannot live in a low pH environment.

Even better, Banixx does not sting and has no clinical odor - these are crucial qualities in making it easy to apply to your dog.  It is totally safe around the eye, and it's gentle on tissue, quickly helping to repair any skin that has been irritated or inflamed due to ringworm, and it will not stain your dog’s fur or your furniture. Buy Banixx or buy online.

What Our Customers Have to Say

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Rescued a kitten with ringworm, it got rid of it, and worked great for my elderly dogs hot spots!! Highly recommend.
Cured a ringworm on my lab puppy. Worked in a few weeks.
I used this stuff for three weeks religiously at least once, if not twice, a day to treat my dog and cat’s ringworm patches. Her hair is starting to grow back and she is no longer scratching at the spots anymore. Definitely soak the area and it should kill all the fungus!
I bought Banixx and it seemed to work really well. I sprayed his body twice a day and it’s safe around the eyes. I do advise buying the larger bottle if you are treating more than one pet. My dachshund was cured in only 2-3 days.
This stuff works! After only 1 application I could see a difference on my dogs ringworm spot.
Should be called ringworm begone!
This totally did the trick for my dog with ring worm. The key is you have to keep up with it. I sprayed the affected spot twice a day for two weeks. She now has no ring worm and the hair is growing back in. Thank the Lord!
Got this on a Saturday, used it as directed on dog's ringworm (along with sanitizing bedding of course). It's now Wednesday and the spot is noticeably smaller. I know it's not for human use, but I used it on a nasty cut I'd gotten at work; healed up perfectly. I'm definitely buying more.
If you have a pet with ringworm or if you have ringworm yourself you need this stuff. It says on the label not for humans but it worked for me, my shelter kitten who infected us all, my husband AND our ferret. God Bless Banixx. It ain't just for horses!
We run a pet rescue so we see lots of skin issues, mostly ringworm, which can often means weeks (sometimes months) of long tedious treatments. An adopter told me about this product and it's been a game changer! This product does it all! I am so pleased and thankful for it.

Can My Dog Get Ringworm?

Yes! The first sign of ring worm may be a small pink circular mark on your dog’s skin as pictured here.

Warning! Don’t ignore early symptoms – this is the time to act to avoid a rampant ring worm infestation and to additionally prevent spreading it to your other pets or …to YOU! Spray the affected area with Banixx Pet Care and continue spraying 3-4 times daily because this is a FUNGUS and it multiplies rapidly via invisible microscopic spores.

You will need to wash all of your dog’s bedding in a bleach solution or completely discard it if you’re dealing with a full-blown ringworm infection. It’s also imperative to sanitize your dog’s living area with an acidic product such as apple cider vinegar. Spray it liberally on all of your dog's living areas, floors, baseboards or even couches where you cannot launder them.

Your dog is more susceptible to contracting ringworm if he has been exposed to public places such as dog parks, boarding kennels, the groomer, and dog-friendly stores. Being vigilant and checking your dog regularly for signs of ringworm will help to avoid this annoying, prolific fungus problem.

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How to treat and get rid of ringworm in dogs in 5 easy steps?

  1. Spray Banixx liberally to your dog's affected area using disposable gloves (so that you don't get ringworm). Banixx must make direct contact with the dog's ringworm area to be effective.
  2. Apply two to three times daily on your dog's affected area for several days, or as needed. Ringworm treatment may last as long as 2-3 weeks, so, be patient, it's not a quick fix. To make this process more pleasant for your dog, consider running warm water over the Banixx Pet Care bottle so that the spray is pleasantly room temperature, rather than cold, when you spray it on your dog’s skin
  3. After each use, dispose of the gloves to prevent the spread of infection. Note: Because ringworm in dogs is so contagious, it is of utmost importance to treat your dog's entire environment. Read on for suggestions on how to do this.
  4. Wash his bedding and grooming brushes in a bleach solution and spray his environment with a dog-friendly product (such as apple cider vinegar or baking soda) to get rid of ringworm fungal spores. Note -- Lysol is not recommended for use around dogs. Your dog is more susceptible to contracting ringworm in public places like dog parks, boarding kennels, the groomer, and dog-friendly stores.
  5. Be vigilant and check your dog regularly for signs of ringworm to help avoid this annoying, prolific fungus problem.  If you suspect ringworm then a quick trip to your veterinarian is recommended.

Since a ringworm infection results in total hair loss, obvious signs of healing (in terms of hair re-growth) may not be visible for 2-3 weeks because new hair growth is hard to see with the naked eye in its early stages. Buy Banixx or buy online.

Ringworm in Dogs — Photo courtesy of DogChat

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How is ring worm transmitted?

Ringworm in dogs, cats, and any other pet is extremely contagious and can be easily transmitted from animal to animal, or even animal to human, through infected grooming supplies, tack, or even skin-to-skin contact. 

Due to its contagious nature, treatment of your dog's ringworm must be combined with the disinfection of his entire environment, which is essential for a successful, quicker outcome.

You can disinfect your dog's environment with a dog-friendly cleanser such as Isopropyl alcohol, vinegar or baking soda. (Lysol is not a dog-friendly solution, so please avoid it).

  • Bedding must also be washed with bleach or similar product.

Please read on to learn about ringworm on dogs, cats, horses and cattle, where it comes from, and what precautions/preventive measures to use.

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Ringworm in Dogs — Photo courtesy of DogChat

As always, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. By "prevention" we mean being proactive and involved in your pet's welfare.  For example, if you are using Banixx for a particular problem and results are not seen in a few days or, if the situation seems worse--don't hesitate---it's time to consult with your local veterinarian!
Customers 5-star Comments Saying Banixx is the Best Treatment for Ringworm
"Have a Mini-Schnauzer with several skin ailments from itchy bumps to yeast that looks like ringworm, not to mention his grain/potato allergies. After hundreds of hours of research, I found this Banixx spray. It worked like a charm and saved me what could've been thousands of dollars. I called the company and their customer service was excellent. The horse and pet version of this spray is one in the same. I pray this post helps someone looking for something that helps soothe and heal various skin ailments on our beloved pets."Customer 5 Star Testimonial from Teresa via Amazon
"This helped the ringworm that my dog was suffering from. Will order again if needed."Amazon Customer 5 Star Review by Barbara regarding Banixx Medicated Shampoo & Ringworm
"This (shampoo) is a must-have for dogs with skin conditions. Great for yeast and soothes the skin. Works to heal skin. 8 washes in one bottle if used as directed."By Amazon Customer - 5 Star Review