How To Treat Rain Rot In Horses With Banixx

What is Horse Rain Rot and How to treat Rain Rot in Horses with Banixx

banixx for horsesHorse Rain Rot, also known as Rain Scald, is a common skin disease/infection in horses caused by a bacterium called Dermatophilus congolensis. It's possibly one of the more common horse skin infections, and although it looks bad, it’s not as serious as it appears.  It is sometimes associated with poor horse care, but in many cases, that is not the case.  The bacteria thrive on your horse's skin in warm, wet conditions, such as occur in the spring and early summer, but, can also crop up in the winter when fluctuations in temperature cause horses to sweat under their blankets.

Rainrot is caused when these bacteria multiply to the point that they irritate and infect a horse's skin hair follicles.  The hair follicles gradually die, and the hair starts to fall out. The first sign of this skin condition is a scabby, scaly or crusty area of skin along the run-off pattern of water over a horse's back and on his rump, as shown in our case study below. For rain rot on your horse, use Banixx spray as a potent yet mellow (it doesn’t burn!) home remedy to treat him/her in record time!

What does rain rot look like on a horse? Below are some images of a horse that has rain rot and images of the same horse after treatment with Banixx (just 2 months!)

Rain Rot treatment
Rain Rot
Complete recovery from Rain Rot
Complete recovery from Rain Rot

In these photos, you see Jazz with rain rot on January 26th, 2016 (above/left) and then Jazz on March 29,2016 ... after using Banixx to resolve the rain rot. What a difference!

The most common symptom of rain rot is hair loss along with a rough, scaly looking skin. Your horse's hair will appear to rise up as little tufts as opposed to the sleek, smooth look of a typical healthy horse, and the hair will fall out if lightly rubbed or brushed. A mild case will leave an open, smooth, hairless skin area, but a more severe case will give way to small scabs or even open sores. These open sores or small scabs can then easily become infected and lead to greater problems.

What Our Customers Have to Say

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This stuff works great on all animals with skin issues. Was purchased for a rain rot issue a neglected mare I recently adopted. The vet was impressed with how well it worked.
I was looking for a treatment for my horses rain rot. Most products tell you that you have to remove the scabs to get the bacteria off of him, but by using Bannix you don't have to. The scabs come off naturally! He has very few scabs left on him.
I am totally impressed by the results obtained by this product. My horse had a small area of skin that lost its hair (similar to rain-rot). I sprayed Banixx on it for a couple of days and the hair immediately stopped falling out and started growing back. Just incredible results.
When I first got my TB rescue she was in poor condition with some awful bite wounds on her hindquarters. I had seen an ad for Banixx and decided to try it. WOW! it worked really well and even on the deep wounds and rain rot. I keep a bottle in my barn now.
I've tried almost every product available for treatment of skin infections since I always seem to end up with horses who have problem skin. This product is effective and works very quickly. I've used it for rain rot, mud fever, and "mystery bumps." This product is easy to apply and causes no stinging or discomfort.
Banixx has been part of our Hoof care for years, and I would not be without it. A little goes a long way, It is used as a preventative for thrush, rain rot, etc. works like a charm!
I have used this product for many years, whenever I needed it for my horses and with wonderful results, I would recommend it to anybody.
Spanky's Ranch
My OTTB has lymphangitis and each case of mud fever and rain rot could get into her bloodstream causing her to become very ill. This one product has single handedly saved her!!! A case I was fighting for weeks was gone in three days. Thank you!!!!!!
Love this stuff. I use it on any skin issues, bug bites, scrapes and as a preventive for possible rain rot around my mare's fly mask.
I've used Banixx to repair wounds, both large and small, to cure rain rot, to get rid of thrush, and also eliminate scratches. This stuff looks like water, has no smell, and is almost too easy to apply, and yet it gets rid of or fixes almost anything! I love it!

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Banixx, used as a painless rain rot treatment, provides a simple, swift and cost-effective answer to this pesky problem. The formula is anti-bacterial and simply eliminates the environment in which the bacteria thrive.  Sometimes it may seem that rain rot is slow to resolve simply because the new hair that is growing into the previously scabby areas is very fine and difficult to see with the naked eye.  But, in short order, you will be rewarded, you will notice the new hair growing and regain your handsome horse!

horse rain rot

How to Get Rid of or Treat Rain Rot

Will rain rot heal on its own? Very mild cases might heal on their own; however, without special attention rain rot usually spreads. Treatment is simple with our Banixx
solution; merely spray it liberally against the direction of your horse's hair. Do not remove the scabs; Banixx assists your horse in debriding these scabs painlessly and naturally with its unique pH solution. In order to get the full benefit of your Banixx application, make sure that you saturate the entire affected area remembering that it's a good idea to spray a little beyond the edges of the visible area in order to really contain the infection. As you spray, gently pat Banixx into your horse's skin infection to ensure good saturation. How long does it take rain rot to heal? With consistent use of Banixx (2-3 times daily) as a rain rot treatment for your horse, you should begin to see results in 2-4 days. Full recovery can take a week or two if the rain rot is covering large areas and the tissues are heavily infected. However, new hair growth is difficult to see in the early days since it has a gossamer type quality, so the process takes patience, but as our pictures show, you will be well rewarded.

If the rain rot scabs are particularly hard or thick, begin treatment with the help of Banixx Medicated Shampoo with Marine Collagen to soften them.  This prepares the skin surface to accept the application of the regular Banixx spray. Simply wet the entire area well and apply Banixx medicated Shampoo.  Allow the shampoo to sit on the afflicted skin for 15- 20 minutes. Our soap-free formula shampoo contains 4% chlorhexidine that delivers a punch to bacteria/fungus i.e. rain rot or scratches. Chlorohexidine carries a residual effect which means it continuously works. Hose your horse off gently, blot with a towel and apply Banixx spray.  Really stubborn cases may require several of these treatments but since our medicated shampoo contains zero detergent (aka soap) it will not have the harsh, drying effect of most medicated shampoos. Banixx medicated Shampoo with chlorhexidine also contains the nourishing, regenerative Marine Collagen benefit that is applauded by veterinarians.

Is rain rot contagious to humans? Rain rot is caused by a bacteria, and that bacteria can be spread to others; so washing your hands after handling a horse with rain rot, disinfecting grooming tools, equipment and anything else that comes in contact with the infected horse is recommended. The likelihood that the bacteria will cause an infection in a human is very low as the conditions for the bacteria to thrive need to be present.

Before and After Photos

Horse Rain Rot Before Banixx
Horse Rain Rot Before Banixx
Horse Rain Rot After Banixx
Horse Rain Rot After Banixx
rain rot
recovery from rain rot

In addition to treating your horse or pet’s skin infections, it’s always a good idea to learn what to do to avoid a recurrence of that particular skin infection. To learn more about common skin conditions in horses (and how to avoid them), click here.

Customer Testimonial:

"My mare had a bacterial infection. I guess the layman's term for it is "Rain Rot". She developed patchy, scabby areas where the hair completely fell out. After treating these areas with Banixx Wound & Hoof Care for three days, there was a noticeable improvement. Now, after ten days of treatment, the wounds have healed & the hair is coming back. I am very satisfied with the product"Loren M, Valley Vet Customer
"We noticed a large patch of fur missing from one of our mini donkeys and as we examined further we noticed lots more patches were starting underneath...the result of a very wet winter here in central VA, aka "rain rot". We started using diluted betadine as the Vet recommended, but our pet sitter who is very equine savvy suggested Banixx.. This product is an absolute miracle! The betadine was drying to tissue, but this product noticeably helped by the 2nd treatment. It soothed the scabbing and helped us ease the fur off from of the affected spots. We are rounding home with treatment and ready for healthy re-growth of her fur now! Thank you Banixx and!"Danijay, Chewy Customer
"Banixx is a wonderful product. I have a horse in my barn that gets scratches and rain rot every year from all the fungus here in PA. This year she had none! We used Banixx as part of her normal grooming routine and she was free of the normal yearly problems. I've recommended Banixx to all my clients, especially those with "high white" (white socks) and bald-faced animals."Pam Kister, via Facebook
"We had a pony who had developed hives, which ended up contributing to the worst case of rainrot ever! This product cleared up the rainrot in a matter of days. Additionally we had 2 horses with thrush. Our farrier loved this product. It also cleared up thrush amazingly quickly."SmartPak Customer
"We are very pleased with your product, Banixx. A equine friend recommended it so I bought a bottle to have on hand. In addition to horses we have goats, llamas, pigs etc. Our grandmama goat lost her left horn and it was quite a mess. Tried everything and nothing seemed to help....we soon realized she was getting screw worms. So, I grab Banixx from the back of my medicine cabinet and a screw worm spray. Within hours there was a huge improvement, worms were dead and the tissue was healing. Thank you for a great product for all our wonderful critters. It will always been ready for all emergencies at our ranch. "Angie Gaines, Golden Curls Ranch

NOTE: The symptoms of Cushing’s disease can often mirror certain skin conditions. If you suspect your horse has Cushing's disease, contact your veterinarian. While Cushing's disease has been recognized for more than 70 years, only recently are there improved diagnostic and treatment options. A horse with Cushing's disease can live longer and enjoy a better quality of life. Learn more about Cushing's disease.

As always, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. By "prevention" we mean being proactive and involved in your pet's welfare.  For example, if you are using Banixx for a particular problem and results are not seen in a few days or, if the situation seems worse--don't hesitate---it's time to consult with your local veterinarian!