Animal Wound Spray — Travel Size 2oz

Animal Wound Spray — Travel Size 2oz

Your animal’s energy doesn’t quit just because you’re away from home. Whether you’re on the road or on the go, high activity means potential for injury. Keep our travel-size animal wound care spray on hand. Should your furry friend get hurt or face an infection, you’ll be ready to respond.

Give your pet a touch of relief with Banixx Pet Care Bacterial & Fungal Infections – 2 OZ Spray. Recommended by veterinarians, this anti-microbial pet wound spray delivers fast-acting, sting-free relief from conditions including ear infections, hot spots, and ringworm without giving off any unpleasant odors.

Even when you are in a place with limited or non-existent alternatives, you’ll have a ready resource for comfort with this safe and effective animal care spray. While primarily used on dogs and cats, it also aids in the recovery of multiple horse-specific afflictions such as scratches, thrush, rain rot, and much more. It’s made without any steroids and antibiotics, so it’s safe for use around the eyes, nose, mouth, or ears. Just identify the affected area, apply Banixx on a daily basis, leave it on, and wait for the desired result. Relief really can be that simple.

Key Details:

  • Especially effective at aiding in the recovery of dog ear infections, hot spots, itchy skin, ear yeast infections in cats, ringworm, sores, rain rot, thrush, and other cuts, wounds, and rashes
  • Color-free, odor-free formulation facilitates recovery without the stains or smells that linger for hours after application. Clinically-proven safe around the eye.
  • Made without the use of steroids or alcohol, making it safe to use around your pet’s eyes, ears, nose, and mouth
  • Made in the USA

Banixx travel-sized spray is available online and at many retail locations. Order yours today or find a location near you!

But don't just take our word for it. Read on to see what our customers say!

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But don't just take our word for it. Read on to see what our customers say!

My cat is older and has bad reaction to fleas. Any kind of treatment stresses him out. He runs and hides. My son's dog had fleas and hot spots. I sprayed them both neither ran. The hot spots disappeared after a few treatments and my cat has grown most of his fur back. He lets me pet him now. No more hiding. I wish I knew of this sooner!

By Chewy Customer on Chewy
I admit I was weary since many reviews talk about how this is just water. It is, but with a PH level that makes it hard for skin fungus to survive. So while it kills the bad stuff, it is safe for the rest of us. SO I got the small bottle and have been using it on kittens. I love that I don't have to worry about them ingesting it. (Because of course they are gonna lick anything you put on them!) I use it twice a day, and sometimes a third time. One patient is a total success story. He had a big nasty spot on his face (And I didn't have to worry about being so close to his eyes when spraying) and another on this leg. Both spots are almost healed. A second kitten, I can't tell if his spots are better or not. They are on his feet and between his toes. He licks the stuff off so fast that I may need to keep him from doing that so it can saturate the area better. The third kitten has it really bad on her throat. It's still too soon to tell because it's a very sensitive area, but I feel that it is improving. The skin isn't as red and irritated all the time anymore. And she doesn't seem to be scratching as much once I spray her. Another kitty has spots on his head. He doesn't like getting squirted, so I haven't been as regular with him, but I still feel he is also getting better. So I feel this is good stuff and I am ordering the bigger bottle now.
By Catherine on Chewy
Love this product! Seems to really help my cats. I use it when they show signs of ear problems.
By Melanie Pierson on Amazon
I purchased the larger bottle to clear a hot spot on my dog and bought this smaller bottle to carry in my travel med case for my dogs. I travel frequently and need a med kit to have in case of an emergency.
By Roxie on Amazon
Product has quickly brought relief to an outdoor kitty I tend to . His ears were a mess with scabs from scratching…almost clear after just a few days. Wonderful product.
By Amazon Customer on Amazon

My cat developed a rash on his back (I think it was a food allergy). Modifying his diet, the rash was still healing really slow and he kept licking it. I ordered Banixx it hopes I could avoid a vet visit (adoption and my putting him in a kitty carrier wasn't happening yet... I tried). Within a week the rash was noticeably healing. Two weeks (max) it is healed and he's growing hair back.

By Robyn on Amazon
Saved me from going to the vet and spending $$. I did my research and looked like my dog had a mild case of ring worm. (Google images is a wondrous thing!!) Within 2 weeks, as described, the condition is gone. Helped with the itching and scratching too. Highly recommend this product.
By J. Gonzalez on Amazon
This product was AMAZING! My cat had an allergic reaction to the cat litter and in turn had a really bad rash from it to the point she was bleeding. Once I got this product in and used it she cleared up in less than a week!
By Amazon Customer on Amazon
I am like the dad in My Big Fat Greek Wedding and his Windex with this stuff. Works on hot spots, cuts, scrapes and cleared up an ear infection in my dog that 10 days of antibiotic ointment from the vet did not.
By Amazon Customer on Amazon
My vet suggested, I look for something online for my dog as she has ear problems. She has floppy ears and the smell that comes from her ears is terrible. Used this works great!
By Sherry Payne on Amazon

But don't just take our word for it. Read on to see what our customers say!

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