Banixx® Medicated Shampoo (16oz)


  • Anti-Fungal, Anti-bacterial Medicated Shampoo w/Marine Collagen (Dogs, Horses, Cats)
  • For Scratches, Fungus, Rain Rot & Ringworm, Itchy Mane & Tail, Dermatitis, Dog Itchy Skin
  • With sea-sourced, protein building blocks of Marine Collagen for a glossy healthy coat
  • The only Pet shampoo on the market with Marine Collagen
  • Soap-free with no parabens, no alcohol, no steroids, non-toxic, Made in USA
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Cleanse, repair, and moisturize your animal’s damaged hair and skin with our ultra-enriched, non-soap, 4% chlorhexidine shampoo. Our non-drying formula can be used frequently for Ringworm, Horse Scratches, Dry Itchy Skin (Yeast infections) & any Dermatitis. Also containing Marine Collagen with its sea-sourced amino acids that repairs damage, and deeply moisturizes dry, injured skin. This shampoo does not contain, parabens, sulfate, alcohol, or steroids. SAFE FOR ALL PETS.

  • NON-DRYING. Our soap-free shampoo doesn’t strip your pet’s coat of essential oils but soothes your animals’ skin and hair without any detergents, alcohol, steroids, or added fragrances, promoting a healthy, natural coat.
  • ULTRA MOISTURIZING. Marine collagen with its sea-sourced amino acids work hard to keep your pet’s skin deeply nourished leaving your animal glossy and vibrant from mane to tail.
  • EFFECTIVE SKIN TREATMENT. Helps in the recovery of multiple skin conditions such as rain rot, scratches, cannon bone crud, ringworm, yeast infections, dandruff, mane/tail itch or any Dermatitis.
  • ANTI-BACTERIAL, ANTI- FUNGAL, & MADE IN AMERICA. Each ingredient was handpicked to support your animal’s natural coat while fighting skin infections.

Banixx Medicated Shampoo is a must-have for every Pet owner