Banixx Horse and Pet Care Spray (16oz)


  • For Scratches, Ringworm, Rain Rot, Dog Hot Spots & Ear Infections, Ringworm, Yeast Infections, Cuts & Punctures, Dermatitis
  • Anti-Fungal & Anti-Bacterial with no sting, no steroids & no clinical odor.
  • A unique pH product that’s safe for use around the eye & mouth
  • Earth-friendly, Non-toxic, made in USA and Safe for Any Pet
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Clean wounds, fight infections, and protect your horse and pets with our vet recommended solution. Our easy to use fast-acting solution provides soothing relief for Horse Scratches, Rain Rot, Fungus, Ringworm, Ear infections, Itchy skin and wounds on your Horses, Dogs, Cats & much more!. It’s sting free, has no clinical odor and completely safe to use around the eyes, ears, and mouth. Our odor free, non-sticky spray can be confidently applied even on sensitive pets.

  • SAFE FOR ALL PETS. Specially formulated to provide a safe and effective solution for all wounds and skin infections in horses, dogs, cats, and many more pet types.
  • PAIN-FREE SOLUTION. Our spray soothes and protects your animals’ skin without any alcohol, steroids, or added fragrances, promoting a gentle and effective recovery
  • NON-STICKY. Our pet care spray goes on effortlessly without creating a sticky mess that attracts dirt or ruins furniture
  • LONG LASTING. This temperature tolerant solution carries a long shelf life indoors and outdoors
  • ANTI-BACTERIAL, ANTI- FUNGAL & MADE IN AMERICA. This unique pH solution eliminates infections, so that your Pet can focus on a fast recovery

Banixx Horse & Pet Care spray is a must-have for every Pet owner’s First-Aid Kit