Post-Surgical Wound Care with Banixx

Although the outcome is fantastic, some of these photos may not be suitable for sensitive viewers.

Case Study: Wounds - Banixx Works from Within!

As opposed to a mere surface recovery, Banixx penetrates and repairs from inside out accelerating post-surgical recovery.

During a routine "collection" procedure our Friesian was impaled on a pipe that was 4.6 feet tall. (He was supposed to mount a phantom) It impaled him in the hind end between his right testicle and his interior haunch. The massive wound was 3 inches across and 6 inches deep. He was rushed to UCD in California. Over the next 4 weeks, he became ill from the antibiotics but recovered.

Once home I choose to use Banixx. Gently I applied Banixx starting in the cavity of the wound working to the outer area. In less than one week it had closed inside and I could see rapid healing outside too. The wound went into the deep muscle of his right interior hind leg and he was fortunate as it missed the abdomen and the femoral artery by less than 1/4 inch.

You can see the scar tissue forming on the far-right photo but I am pretty sure with his good appetite now and the continued use of Banixx, he will be once again the most versatile Friesian stallion who does dressage yet also blazes huge trails with me!

Now my stallion is totally healed - no scar and he is under saddle and as playful as before; he is feeling and looking terrific!

Susie S. Proberta, CA

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Case Study: Kitten with Severe Facial Trauma

Rescued from the side of the road, this 12–week old kitten had apparently been tossed out of a car window. He had lost part of his nose and sinus and had severe abrasions. Due to his age and the severity of his injuries, only loose stitches could initially be applied. Banixx was used to flush the debris and infection. The stitches did not hold, so the treatment of choice was to drip Banixx onto the cat's face twice daily.

The cat recovered and obtained a loving home through the treating veterinarian, Dr. Broadhurst of Pinehurst, NC, and The Moore Humane Society.

Dr. Broadhurst was recently awarded (2010) the Distinguished Veterinarian Award by the North Carolina Veterinary Medical Association. His comment about Banixx: "Great Product! No pain, no clinical odor, easy to apply...Healing time is greatly accelerated".

Customer Review

"Awesome Product. Helped my dog's paw heal more rapidly post-surgery. Highly recommended. Amazed that more vets don't recommend this to their clients."WildHorses, via Amazon

Case Study: Post-Surgical Success on Injured Dog Paw with Infected Skin Tissue Trauma

Hailey, an agility dog, was involved in an accident that injured her paw; she ended up with 2 dead, crushed toes and much-infected skin tissue trauma. It was thought, at first, that she might have to have her leg amputated. But they decided to remove the dog's dead toes along with the dog's infected skin tissue and try to save the leg. Following surgery, they used Banixx as a post-surgical application on the dog's foot/toes. In one month, she is 99% healed. To say the least, the vet is very impressed. Buy Banixx or buy online. 

Photo was taken before surgery
Paw just after surgery
Paw one month after surgery

Photo at left is of Hailey, after a full recovery!

"I used to tell everyone about Banixx for wounds, scratches in horses and hot spots on dogs ... now I have a firsthand case of Banixx for dogs with a major dog injury successfully resolved your product that helped to save my dog's leg! No animal first aid kit should be without Banixx!"Elizabeth Van Engel, Hailey's owner