How To Treat dog insect bites with Banixx

How to treat my dog's insect bites, flea bites, spider bites, mosquito bites?

Just like humans, dogs can have reactions to bug bites of every kind. From fleas to mosquitoes to spiders, your dog may react to a bite with itching, inflammation and more.

banixx pet careFlea bites
Every dog owner dreads the start of flea season (when the temperatures are moderate and the air is humid).

Skin irritation caused by flea bites is also called Allergic Dermatitis. Many topical treatments are available to kill fleas on your dog, but the flea bites may still induce allergic dermatitis, which we detail on our dog hot spot treatment page. Your dog will suffer from irritated, itchy skin or even open sores, especially if he’s constantly licking or biting the area.

Applying Banixx to flea bites can give tremendous relief to your pet, while also soothing these irritations. You will also need to utilize treatments to rid your dog of fleas, as well as a clean up the environment and home. This will involve washing your pet’s bedding in a bleach solution or simply throwing it out. This will involve dog collars too! Flea larvae can live on for a long time in bedding, carpet and corners of the room , hence a clean-up of your pet’s living quarters is essential to rid your house successfully of fleas. There are a number of products such as cedar and some herbs that are thought to act as a flea deterrent. These may be added to your dog’s environment in different ways. Buy Banixx or buy online.

Spider bites

Spider bites can be lethal to dogs depending on the spider species. The Brown Recluse and Black Widow are two of the most venomous spiders, while other spider bites fortunately have much less potency. For any spider bites, we strongly recommended an immediate trip to the veterinarian. To treat the the damage caused by the bite,apply Banixx. Its soothing formula will provide immediate relief while helping to restore the damaged skin and reduce inflammation. It's easy to apply, does not sting or burn the area, has no clinical odor and can safely be used around the face and ears.

Tatiana tells us how our product just saved her hundreds on a huge vet bill. “My dog got a spider bite on her neck. It started out small and got huge because she wouldn’t stop scratching it. I ordered [Banixx] because a vet recommended it. I sprayed her with it twice and woke up the next day and the wound was almost completely healed. I’ve been using it now for 3 days and the mass of infection is gone and the wound is almost completely healed. This is my go-to now for both my dog and my cat.”

Other insects dog diarrhea

  • Bee stings hurt a dog as much as they hurt us, and the venom can create a significant inflammatory response. If your dog is stung by a bee, he may experience swelling, redness and more. If he’s allergic, he may start vomiting, stumbling, having diarrhea and worse.
  • Flies bite – but even more concerning is that they may deposit eggs on your dog’s skin, especially in open sores. Those little eggs hatch into larvae, which burrow deeper into the skin and cause swelling and secondary infections.
  • Mosquito bites can be problematic because they sometimes carry diseases, including heartworm. Just like other bug bites, they cause itchiness and redness, though they usually don’t last long.

Banixx is instrumental in providing soothing relief from an itch or associated infection from mosquito bites, ant bites, no-see-ums bites, tick bites, or bites from other insects that cause these symptoms.

Some bites need more advanced medical care depending upon what species bit your dog. But for treatment of normal reactions to bug bites, Banixx is preferred by many for its gentle but effective action and immediate relief. Buy Banixx or buy online.