How to remove Creosote or fence stains from your horse/pony

So, she’s done it again, rubbed up against the fence.  Her butt and shoulder are smeared with a creosote-like black pigment/dye or fence stain. 

Actually, breathe easy, we’ve got some good news!  During 2016, the name of this product Creosote and, more importantly, the ingredients, was changed to Creo-Stain due to new EPA regulations.  The preservative in the old “Creosote”is no longer approved by the EPA and the NEW Creo-Stain is made from a recycled, much safer, oil product with additives to preserve your wooden fencing.

Here's How to Remove “Creosote” Stains from your horse and we have a handy video that shows you in real-time.

  • Arm yourself with Banixx Horse & Pet Spray and a bunch of cotton. 
  • Saturate the cotton with Banixx and merely rub it on and into the stain. 
  • In short order, your cotton ball will be black and your horse, particularly if he’s grey, will be grey again instead of BLACK