How to make your own home-made Medicated Pet Wipe for your Dog?

Making a Medicated Pet Wipe for your dog is as easy as 1-2-3.  Just get a supply of sterile gauze pads (available at any pharmacy for about $7 for a pack of 25).  Simply wet the gauze pad well with Banixx Pet Care Spray and wipe your dog’s paws, face, belly etc.  Now you have your very own supply of cost-effective ear wipes for dogs! Do avoid using household cleaning products, in lieu of Banixx, to moisten the gauze pad.  Additionally, please don't use ordinary disinfectant wipes.  Most of these have ingredients that can cause inflammation and subsequent pain for your dog.  Some are even toxic if overused.  Baby wipes are also not ideal either (who knew?)  These are made for the pH of human skin which is quite different from that of Fido.  Moreover, many wipes contain a chemical called propylene glycol that’s toxic in “large quantities” for pets, but “quantity” is never exactly specified, so it’s just best to avoid these altogether. Then, there’s hand sanitizer, that makes sense doesn’t it? oh no! even the FDA has advised that “dogs can get sick if they lick hand sanitizer products off their paws”.  Rest assured tho, we have the answer for you. Banixx Pet Care is forever safe for use around the eyes and, in fact, anywhere on your dog’s skin, so use it with confidence to make your own Medicated Pet Wipes for your canine companion!