How to Treat And Prevent Hot Spots on Dogs

What are Hot Spots in Dogs--How to Treat & Prevent them

  • Does your dog obsessively lick, chew, or scratch at his skin?
  • Does he have open sores that are hot, moist, and red?
  • Has he lost hair in these affected areas such as his hip or his paw?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then your dog may be suffering from Hot Spots. It is a common condition that can be easily treated with Banixx Pet Care, along with attention to your dog's environment and/or food.

A hot spot appears as a red, moist, painful open sore created by your dog’s incessant licking and biting. This relentless reaction may be due to itchiness or the pain of a small wound, insect bite, allergy or unknown cause. Banixx is a sting-free solution that provides quick, soothing relief..

What Our Customers Have to Say

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I bought Banixx and it seemed to work really well. I sprayed his body twice a day and it’s safe around the eyes. I do advise buying the larger bottle if you are treating more than one pet. My dachshund was cured in only 2-3 days.
I would highly recommend Banixx for every pet owner - from dogs, to cats, to horses, and everything in between. This stuff is seriously amazing and has saved me multiple trips to the vet. From hot spots, to ear infections, to flea bites. I always keep this on-hand!
THIS I have to say is one of the very best dog products I have come across. I have a GSD that gets hotspots. I have used everything you can name to heal them. They all eventually work in time. This product is a miracle...It works almost immediately.
While I was waiting for my Vet to ok an ointment to treat hot spots, I went online and found this product. I applied it 4x in one day and 4x the next and by the third it had lost that red angry, festering look.
I can't recommend this product strongly enough. My dog was prone to hot spots on the crease of his hind legs, which made it hard for him to walk, wouldn't heal, and he lost lots of hair. 2 treatments and he stopped scratching and the wound healed.
I purchased this at a local pet store. My American Bulldog is constantly getting hot spots from allergies, and cuts/scratches from playing rough. This spray is a miracle. I just have to spray it on her scabs and she instantly stops scratching at them and they heal in a day!
If you have dogs or cats, you need this! I have two English Bulldogs that have lots of skin issues and this works so great on all of the issues! It has helped with acute moist dermatitis and any other skin problems.
My five year old GSP had a spot on her back and little flaking going on that caused scabs to fall with some hair. Used this product for about five days straight and she was back to normal w/ no further issue's Her hair has since come back as well.
Amazon Chic
Really helps my pets with their ear itching and the constant licking of their hot spots!

So... What do Hot Spots look like?

A Hot Spot, also known as Acute Moist Dermatitis, is an open sore that is hot, moist, and red. These painful spots on your dog are formed from your dog's incessant licking, chewing, and scratching at the affected area. This type of disorder is very sensitive, painful to the touch and your dog may lose his hair in this area. Just about any irritation to your dog’s skin, paws, hips, chest, or other areas that causes him to lick, scratch, or bite, to gain relief, may lead to the development of a hot spot. For example, something so seemingly harmless such as an insect bite, a small nick, cut or small wound may cause itchiness or irritation to your dog and then he will, in turn, compulsively, obsessively lick that area until it is raw and open to infection.  It's what dogs do!

Hot spots may begin innocently as small, wet-looking areas but they can grow in size rapidly to look like big, red open sores.  At this point bacterial infections develop quickly and the cycle begins.

Treatment for Hot Spots in Dogs

To get rid of a hotspot before it worsens, follow these three simple steps:

  1. Carefully trim the surrounding hair. This prevents the hair from matting and allows for a cleaner environment to clean and apply the treatment. You may need two people for this part of the procedure to keep your dog entertained and comforted during this process. Don’t be afraid to seek professional help with this step if needed.
  2. Clean the area. It's best to clean the infected area with a gentle cleanser that will soothe the inflamed area rather than contribute to your pet’s discomfort. We recommend a non-toxic product that is safe around the eyes and mouth as the dog may be inclined to lick the area while it is healing. Our Banixx Pet Care Hot Spot spray is an excellent option for this.
  3. Be sure to apply Banixx pet care hot spot spray twice daily.  Consistency in application is important, as is quality “contact time.” i.e. product remaining on the affected area and not being licked off by your dog. Since it’s an instinct for dogs to lick off anything applied topically, it’s best to distract your dog’s attention with food, for example, try putting peanut butter on your finger for your dog to lick it off; it works like a charm and keeps your dog distracted. Alternatively, apply the peanut butter to the roof of your dog's mouth. It will take him several minutes for him to absorb it and this allows Banixx to do its magic ! or, another idea is to take him/her for a walk, or a short play session after applying Banixx, so it has a good chance to go to work.

But, keep in mind that there is generally more to this story.  There may be a variety of causes for your dog’s hot spot, you'll need to do some research here.  Some causes may require additional treatment options.  Banixx can often be used alone for treating hot spots – or in conjunction with any prescription medication (if required) to provide soothing relief to your pet throughout the entire healing process.

What Causes Hot Spot on Dogs?

hotspot on dog Hot spots are a result of your dog’s excessive, obsessive licking, chewing, and scratching in a specific area. This creates a cycle of consistent irritation to your dog’s skin that only grows worse with time. They are nothing to fool around with — their size grows quickly from a small irritated area to a raging, ugly skin infection in short order.

The cause of your dog’s scratching can be attributed to a wide variety of common irritants. And, while Banixx will bring much-needed, soothing relief to your dog, the underlying cause still needs to be addressed for a permanent cure. The most common causes of these irritated, raw wounds are:

  • Food Allergies
  • Skin Infections, Immune Deficiency
  • Age-related weak Immune system
  • Flea allergy dermatitis
  • Parasite Infestation (such as scabies and mites)
  • Contact Irritants/Seasonal (such as grass and pesticides)
  • Boredom
  • Stress or Anxiety

Hot Spots from Food Allergies

Did you know that while dog (or cat) food allergies may cause gastrointestinal problems, it's typically their skin that is most often affected?

A dog's diet can be a contributing factor to this dosorder, which is also true for ear infections. Dogs are by nature meat eaters, and unfortunately many dog food “fillers,” such as corn or soy, that can lead to a dietary imbalance -- resulting in your dog's itchy, irritated skin. A dog's allergic reaction to food may account for as much as 50 percent of hot spots in dogs.

For pups diagnosed with food sensitivities or allergies, making the switch to a grain-free diet can often go a long way toward resolving hot spot issues. Additionally, preservatives in the food can be culprits that can irritate your dog’s system, so switching your pet to a food that has low or no preservatives can help resolve these issues. But, be aware, that since a successful change in diet only affects the dogs internal system, outward healthy skin success for your pup may take a couple weeks.

Applying Banixx to your dog's skin - in conjunction with the change in diet - can provide your pet with quick, soothing, topical relief throughout the healing process!

Diet Often Affects a Dog's Skin

Diet Can Affect Your Dog's Skin

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Hot Spots from Skin Allergies

Because Banixx is a first-rate antifungal and antibacterial topical solution, it will take care of hot spots and itching caused by a skin fungal (yeast) conditions in record time. Banixx is colorless, odorless, and painless, so application is a breeze and thus does not increase your dog's angst because its delivery is rapid and painless. Many products are advertised as a one-step itchy dog skin cure, but, in truth, the answer generally lies in a multi-faceted approach involving diet, environment and a quality skin care product such as Banixx Pet Care.

For skin problems that arise as a result of a skin allergies, environmental allergies or disease, Banixx will do a brilliant job, but, the specific cause of the underlying allergy or infection will still need to be identified to arrive at a permanent cure. Learn more about itchy dog skin.

Hot Spots from Flea or Tick Bite Allergies

If your dog is suffering from an allergy to flea or tick bites, (also known as allergic dermatitis), using a flea and tick treatment is recommended to keep this allergy at bay. But did you know that some of these treatments require the pest to bite its host before it will die? To provide your pet with quick, soothing, topical relief throughout the treatment and healing process, apply Banixx in conjunction with the flea and tick treatment recommended by your Vet.

Keep in mind that while treating your dog is essential to rid her of fleas/ticks you MUST also treat your dog’s environment, including your house, the dog’s bedding, yard, and other animals in the home for a good outcome.

Generally, the only fleas you will ever be able to see are the adult fleas that represent only about 5 percent of a flea infestation – the remaining 95 percent is made up of flea eggs, larvae, and pupae. That's quite amazing and...alarming!  and, another reason why it's best to stay ahead of any flea problems with a plan worked out between you and your Veterinarian. To eliminate fleas and any non-visible eggs, larvae etc it's best to additionally wash your dog’s bedding in a bleach solution,  Apply cider vinegar to your dogs environment for control. (Don’t use Lysol- it’s not dog-friendly!)

Going forward, Banixx Pet Care combined with a regular topical flea treatment program will clear up this issue and make him back into a happy dog!   Buy Banixx or buy online.

Flea / Tick Bites May Contribute to Hot Spots
Flea / Tick Bites May Contribute to Hot Spots

Hot Spots from Boredom and Stress

Believe it or not, dogs can get lonely, bored, anxiety or stressed. Large dogs, in particular, sometimes “entertain” themselves by obsessively chewing, biting, or licking at little spots on their bodies such as minor insect bites. Before long, bacteria creeps in, a secondary infection occurs, and you have a raging hot spot on your dog.

Although early and consistent applications of Banixx can alleviate the intense itching, this type of stress-induced raw wound may be prevented by keeping your dog active and happy. Our busy lives often make this difficult, hence the development of doggy day-care, dog walkers and dog sitters!

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How to Prevent Dog Hot Spots

  1. Identify the underlying cause of irritation. The first step to prevent dog hot spots is to uncover what is causing your dog’s itch. Whether the main culprit is food allergies, parasites, or fleas, understanding the origin of the irritation is essential for lasting prevention. This is discussed in full detail below.
  2. Regularly bathe with Banixx Medicated Shampoo. The second step to prevention is practicing good hygiene and grooming habits with a soap-free, moisturizing shampoo. Cells need to remain moisturized to be healthy. Dried-out skin tends to be brittle and irritated which adds to the problem of hotspots. We recommend using moisturizing Banixx Medicated Shampoo to prevent future hotspots and itch. This shampoo is ultra-enriched with Marine Collagen and sea-sourced amino acids that repair tissue damage while moisturizing the infected hair and skin.
  3. Be proactive and aware. Keeping an eye on what your dog eats and looking out for any unusual scratching, licking, or chewing is essential. Treating the early stages of Hot Spots is much easier than fighting a full-blown infection.

How does Banixx work?

The science behind Banixx is simple, yet amazing: Its unique pH and high oxygen levels create an acidic environment that is totally inhospitable to bacteria and fungi. As a result, your dog’s immune system can spend significantly more time healing the injured tissue rather than fighting infection.

The Banixx hot spot remedy is well tolerated by dogs because, unlike other topical solutions or dog hot spot medicines, Banixx has absolutely no clinical odor (remember, a dog’s sense of smell is greater than a human’s by up to 100,000 times – and an unfamiliar scent will demand his/her attention).

Banixx will not sting, burn, or cause further trauma/angst to your pet. And no worries – you cannot overdo the application. Banixx is one of the easiest home remedies as it can be purchased at most local pet supply stores, as well as online, and applied completely in the comfort of your home. The antiseptic spray is very effective thanks to its unique pH level that does not allow bacterial or fungal growth. Without bacteria, an infection simply fades away – it’s a very natural process!

Read about Kodi’s recovery (below) using Banixx to successfully treat his hot spot (a customer testimonial from Jeremy, Wauseon, OH).

Kodi, a Quick Recovery from Hot Spots with Banixx

"We learned about Banixx Pet Care at a show in Pennsylvania. We told the Banixx rep of the problems that our Akita dog, Kodi, has with hot spots. She told us that these spots may have an underlying cause but, despite that, Banixx may give our dog some good relief. We got home and there was Kodi with a huge hot spot! The timing couldn’t have been better. We applied Banixx immediately. We used to use a really well-known product and Kodi was immediately uncomfortable and licked it off…making things worse! With Banixx, there was no flinching or licking and it healed in 3-4 days. Before, …it took over a week! I am a seasoned Dog Handler and we own a pet shop so we now sell Banixx regularly; it's a product that we really believe in!" Buy Banixx or buy online.

What Home Remedy can I use for a Hot Spot on a Dog?

Other home remedies include hydrogen peroxide, Pepto Bismol, coconut oil, tea tree oil, witch hazel, bactine, black tea, calendula tincture, colloidal silver, Neosporin, or other essential oils. But these methods are not generally recommended since they can irritate healthy tissue and/or reduce the oxygen levels at the application site. In addition, some of these alternatives have an offensive smell (to your dog), are oily in nature (that gets all over your carpet and furniture) and are quite pricey. 

Pictures of Hotspots on Dogs

"My dog gets bad hot spots due to his autoimmune disease. Antibiotics no longer help but Banixx clears up his infected skin spots quickly. Here are Before and after photos after 1 week!"Chandra N., Facebook
Before Banixx Remedy
Before Banixx Remedy
After Banixx Remedy
After Banixx Remedy

Best Hot Spot Treatment For Dogs Some of Our 5-Star Customer Reviews

"Works great to help heal and offer relief to my dog who is prone to getting dermatitis. I consider it a cure for hot spots on dogs."LizzieTX (Amazon Customer)
“I did a search online for what to put on dog hot spot and the Banixx came up as a potential home remedy. I tried it and it's been great for my dog's hot spot! It started looking better within hours and was completely gone in 2 days.”By s0nicfreak (Amazon Customer)
“When it comes to natural remedies, I can't recommend this product strongly enough. My dog had a bad hot spot on the crease of his hind legs, made it hard for him to walk, wouldn't heal, and had lost lots of hair. 2 treatments and he stopped scratching at the spot, 2-days and the open would was scabbed over, and 2-weeks later he's running through fields and chasing balls again. That's a FAST healing time!”By M. Henry (Amazon Customer)
“I purchased this at a local pet store. My American Bulldog is constantly getting these painful spots from allergies, and cuts/scratches from playing rough. This dog spray is a miracle. I just have to spray it on her scabs and she instantly stops scratching at them and they heal in a day or two. It doesn't really have a smell, and best of all, she seems to love when I spray it on her hot wounds. Definitely will purchase this again.”By Ashes Crashes
"I researched the best product for my dog's itchy skin infection. After reading reviews on several sites on so many different products, I found this one to have the best. After using it twice a day for 3 weeks not only did her skin get better but her hair also grew back on her tail. This is the only product I will ever use on any spots she will ever have. Thankful to have found it."By Crystal (Amazon Customer)
"I have a German Shepherd, a Maltese/Shih Tzu, and a Maine Coon cat, and I've used this on all three with great success every time hot spots develop. I often remove the hair around the infection, clean and dry it and then apply Banixx. From skin dermatitis to flea bites after I forgot to administer their flea medication. I always keep this on-hand and LOVE that it's totally safe to use on my furballs - even around the eyes and mouth. My parents have a mini-farm and after I told my mom about this product, she purchased it and uses with the same results on her three horses, barn cats, and their dog as well. She says its perfect for treating hot spots on horses."By SunnieDays (Amazon Customer)
"I put it on a hot spot on dog's balls in the morning and again in the afternoon and by evening the inflammation is down and healing. By the next day it is almost gone. It also works FAST on cuts and scrapes etc. Whatever this product contains is excellent. I keep a bottle in the bathroom and the den for quick use when needed. It doesn't hurt or burn. The dogs don't mind the spray. Highly recommend this."By Caroline (Amazon Customer)