How to Treat Hot Spots on Dogs

A few quick Facts on dog hot spots

  • Hot spots are areas of skin inflammation and bacterial infection that look like skin rashes but, they're raw, red and wet in appearance.
  • In general, caused by your dog incessantly chewing, biting or licking on his paws or hip areas, they can quickly become a larger bacterial infection that is out of control.
  • They are best prevented by a quality diet,  regular grooming, timely parasite prevention and consistent exercise, along with mental stimulation.
  • Dog hot spot treatments abound but one of the best approaches is to use a quality anti-microbial solution, such as Banixx for your dog's immediate relief. Then you can put your efforts into discovering just what is triggering this wretched, itchy infection.

Banixx Reviews - What Our Customers Have To Say

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I bought Banixx and it seemed to work really well. I sprayed his body twice a day and it’s safe around the eyes. I do advise buying the larger bottle if you are treating more than one pet. My dachshund was cured in only 2-3 days.
I would highly recommend Banixx for every pet owner - from dogs, to cats, to horses, and everything in between. This stuff is seriously amazing and has saved me multiple trips to the vet. From hot spots, to ear infections, to flea bites. I always keep this on-hand!
THIS I have to say is one of the very best dog products I have come across. I have a GSD that gets hotspots. I have used everything you can name to heal them. They all eventually work in time. This product is a miracle...It works almost immediately.
While I was waiting for my Vet to ok an ointment to treat hot spots, I went online and found this product. I applied it 4x in one day and 4x the next and by the third it had lost that red angry, festering look.
I can't recommend this product strongly enough. My dog was prone to hot spots on the crease of his hind legs, which made it hard for him to walk, wouldn't heal, and he lost lots of hair. 2 treatments and he stopped scratching and the wound healed.
I purchased this at a local pet store. My American Bulldog is constantly getting hot spots from allergies, and cuts/scratches from playing rough. This spray is a miracle. I just have to spray it on her scabs and she instantly stops scratching at them and they heal in a day!
If you have dogs or cats, you need this! I have two English Bulldogs that have lots of skin issues and this works so great on all of the issues! It has helped with acute moist dermatitis and any other skin problems.
My five year old GSD had a spot on her back and little flaking going on that caused scabs to fall with some hair. Used this product for about five days straight and she was back to normal w/ no further issue's Her hair has since come back as well.
Amazon Chic
Really helps my pets with their ear itching and the constant licking of their hot spots!

dog hot spots treatment

What are Hot Spots on Dogs?

Hot spots are also known as acute moist dermatitis. Hot spots begin as a small, red spot which, according to Dr. Elizabeth Racine, DVM, often is mistaken for an insect bite. The issue becomes larger than life as your dog starts obsessively licking his paws or hips. However, unlike insect bites, hot spots don’t automatically heal. Instead, they rapidly worsen and expand from a little inflamed spot into a red, angry-looking, weeping sore. See the picture of a hot spot above

What are the Symptoms of Hotspots on Dogs?

Symptoms include your dog always licking his paws, or hips or chewing on himself. Hotspots are easy to spot as an open, red, moist sore on the limbs or hips, although they can occur anywhere on the body. They always look watery and may even discharge pus or fluid dependent on the severity. The hair in the affected area may get crusty, become matted and, may simply fall out.

What Causes Hot Spots on Dogs?

hotspot on dog

Hotspot on Dog Paw

They are the result of repeated licking, biting, or gnawing of their skin. These persistent abrasions cause increased inflammation and subsequent infections, which cause greater discomfort and itching. This increased irritation leads the dog to continue the destructive behavior thus creating the perpetual hot spot cycle.

Certain dog breeds are more likely to suffer from hot spots due to their large, fluffy coats that require consistent grooming.  These breeds include Golden Retrievers, St. Bernards, German Shepherd Dogs, Labrador Retrievers, and Rottweilers. Dogs that live in high-humidity areas or those whose hair/skin is frequently wet from swimming or inclement weather are also more likely to develop hot spots.

How to Treat Hot Spots at Home with Banixx


Treating Dog Hotspots with Banixx

Banixx can be used by itself for treating dog hot spots or in conjunction with any prescription medication to provide a reprieve for your dog. Early dog hot spot treatment is vital, as unhealed lesions can lead to worsening skin infections. Follow these three simple steps to get rid of hot spots:

  1. Carefully trim the surrounding hair with blunt-end scissors. This provides a cleaner environment in which you can apply the treatment. Matted hair traps moisture and dirt easily, which can quickly lead to a recurrent hot spot. You may need two people for this part of the procedure to keep your dog distracted and comforted. Don’t hesitate to seek professional help with this step to ensure safe and thorough results.

  2. Clean the affected area. Chose a gentle, non-toxic cleanser that soothes the inflamed skin. Banixx Pet Care Hot Spot Spray is safe around the eyes and mouth, which is critical as your dog may continue to lick the area during healing.

  3. Apply Banixx Pet Care Spray to the area twice daily.  It's so easy to use at home, but remember consistency is important. Equally vital is quality “contact time”. It's the amount of time the product remains on the affected area. A natural instinct for dogs is to lick off anything applied topically, so find a way to distract your dog’s attention. You can do this with food, play or a walk after applying Banixx. One of our favorite tricks is to put peanut butter on the inside roof of our dog's mouth. It takes him several minutes to lick it off and allows Banixx to do its magic!

  4. Homemade Pet wipes may be used to clean up the area if it gets messed up, or dirt attached, by your dog rolling to alleviate the itchiness

How Does Banixx Work?

banixx pet sprayBanixx’s unique pH and high oxygen levels create an acidic environment that is inhospitable to bacteria and fungi. As a result, your dog heals from hot spots faster and more completely, since his immune system can focus easily on repairing injured tissue rather than fighting infection.

Banixx is well tolerated by dogs because unlike other hot spot medicines, Banixx has no clinical odor. This may seem like a small detail but because a dog’s sense of smell is greater than a human’s by up to 100,000 times, any unfamiliar scent demands unwanted attention.

Not only is it easy to apply, Banixx also doesn’t sting, burn, or cause further trauma or angst to your pet. Equally important, when a treatment is easy to administer, it's much more likely to be followed. Moreover, it’s neither sticky or oily, so will not stain furniture, rugs or carpets. With Banixx, relief is simple. Purchase Banixx at most local pet supply stores, as well as online, and apply it in the comfort of your home.

In a matter of days, you will be able to watch your dog’s spirit return without the worry of hot spots. It's a good thing you're focused on being proactive. The early stages of hot spots are much easier than fighting a full-blown infection.

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How do Dogs get Hot Spots?

how to treat dog hot spots

Max the Dog with Hot Spot

There are a variety of reasons dogs get caught into the perpetual lapping, gnawing cycle that leads to the development of hotspots. Common sources for lingering skin irritation in dogs include:

Unfortunately, many of these conditions are chronic and can lead to recurring hot spots if they aren’t managed correctly. It’s vital to discover the underlying cause of your dog’s discomfort and begin treating it as soon as possible. We’ll describe sources of this painful predicament and some ways to prevent this troublesome skin problem. 

Hot Spots from Parasites

Parasites that bite, such as fleas and ticks, can cause what is known as allergic dermatitis. Thankfully, topical flea and tick treatments provide effective resistance against these types of pests. Unfortunately, many of these treatments require the parasites to actually bite your dog in order to die. That’s why we recommend using Banixx Pet Care in conjunction with the flea or tick solution provided by the vet. The dual approach offers quick, soothing relief during treatment.  A consistent flea and tick prevention program used together with medication obtained from your local veterinarian is the ticket here.  Missing a dose can spell disaster in skin issues for many canines.

Flea / Tick Bites May Contribute to Hot Spots
Flea / Tick Bites May Contribute to Hot Spots

Hot Spots from Food Allergies

A dog's diet is often a major contributing factor for hot spots. This is due to many of the fillers found in dog food, such as corn and soy, which have been shown to cause dry, irritated skin or a sugar imbalance that leads to yeast or fungal infections.

Some dog owners have found success in reducing the incidence of hot spots by switching to a grain-free diet. Others have found similar success using food with little or no preservatives. Educate yourself on this issue by talking with your local dog food store owner or discussing dietary choices with a veterinarian.

Diet Often Affects a Dog's Skin

Diet Can Affect Your Dog's Skin

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Hot Spots from Skin or Ear Infections

Bacterial or yeast infections in the ear or anywhere on the skin can cause your dog to scratch, lick and bite the area a hot spot forms. If you believe your dog has a bacterial skin infection or bacterial ear infection Banixx Pet Care offers rapid relief.

Hot Spots from Stress or Boredom

It’s best to keep your dog active with daily exercise while engaging their mind through play. This reduces the likihood of stress, loneliness, or boredom that could lead to the development of hot spots for especially active, smart breeds of dogs. Check out your local pet supplies store.  You’ll find it is full of imaginative, innovative toys for dogs and puppies that can keep them occupied for hours.  Many have the added benefit of providing a tooth/dental cleaning job for your pooch as well as other benefits.  And these toys usually don’t involve adding extra calories to the diet, which is always a good thing for our domestic dogs!

treating hot spots

Hot Spots from Poor Grooming

pet shampoo and conditionerMaintaining a regular grooming routine is a critical portion of any canine’s skin and fur health. Make sure to brush and bathe your dog’s coat often to remove any trapped, matted hair. However, frequent baths with soap-formula shampoos can be detrimental to a healthy coat because soap-formula shampoos can remove the natural oils and leave a dog’s skin dry and itchy. Instead, choose a non-soap conditioning formula shampoo such as Banixx Medicated Shampoo with moisturizing Marine Collagen.

Matted dog hair tends to be an ideal breeding ground for hot spots. The matting can hold in moisture and debris which eliminates a good healthy airflow.  Dogs that are groomed on a regular basis can still suffer from complicated tangles and matted hair.  Breeds with long, silky coats are especially susceptible due to being born predisposed to this condition.

Typical areas are under your dog’s chest, around his ears, in his armpits, beneath his collar, and between his legs. A damp environment renders a dog more vulnerable because moist, soggy hair tends to tangle more easily.

For dogs that are frequent swimmers, be sure to rinse their coats with fresh tap water in order to remove any contaminants they may have encountered. After rinsing, dry the dog’s hair and skin thoroughly to prevent excess moisture build-up. A wet environment along with a dog’s warm skin can lead to excess bacterial or fungal growth.

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What will the Vet do to Treat Hot Spots on Dogs?

Because your dog’s hot spots may be the result of an underlying condition, it’s important to consult with a veterinarian to get a clearer picture of your dog’s overall health. A vet may suggest conducting a skin scrape test to determine whether parasites are causing the skin issues. Once your vet has uncovered the underlying cause of your dog’s itching, they will prescribe the appropriate treatment. 

Your veterinarian’s treatment for hot spots will depend on what they determine the underlying cause of the irritation to be. Typically, treating hot spots involves utilizing some combination of the following methods:

  • Clipping the hair around the hot spot to prevent matting that occurs due to oozing
  • Disinfecting the affected area with skin-safe antiseptic solutions
  • Bathing with a medicated shampoo that eases irritation and encourages healing
  • Prescribing a course of topical or oral antibiotics to eliminate secondary infections, control inflammation, and decrease itching 
  • Prescribing allergy medication in the event an allergen is discovered to be the cause

veterinarian care for hot spots

Can I Use Home Remedies for Hot Spots on a Dog?

You can! However, certain home remedies for hot spots may make the problem worse! Examples are hydrogen peroxide, Pepto Bismol, or coconut oil, which can irritate healthy tissue and reduce oxygen levels at the site. Not only that, but those smells can also irritate your dog and make them less willing to accept the given treatment.

When you’re looking for the best home remedy for hot spots in dogs, look no further than Banixx! Our potent solution is clinically proven to provide no-sting, odorless and immediate relief for a variety of bacterial and fungal issues without relying on pesky antibiotics or steroids.

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Case Study - Kodi, a Quick Recovery from Hot Spots with Banixx

"We learned about Banixx Pet Care at a show in Pennsylvania. We told the Banixx rep of the problems that our Akita dog, Kodi, has with hot spots. She told us that these spots may have an underlying cause but, despite that, Banixx may give our dog some good relief. We got home and there was Kodi with a huge hot spot! The timing couldn’t have been better. We applied Banixx immediately. We used to use a really well-known product and Kodi was immediately uncomfortable and licked it off…making things worse! With Banixx, there was no flinching or licking and it healed in 3-4 days. Before, …it took over a week! I am a seasoned Dog Handler and we own a pet shop so we now sell Banixx regularly; it's a product that we really believe in!" Buy Banixx or buy online.

Pictures of Hotspots on Dogs

"My dog gets bad hot spots due to his autoimmune disease. Antibiotics no longer help but Banixx clears up his infected skin spots quickly. Here are Before and after photos after 1 week!"Chandra N., Facebook
Dog Hot Spot Before Banixx Remedy
Dog Hot Spot Before Banixx Remedy
Dog Hot Spot After Banixx Remedy
Dog Hot Spot After Banixx Remedy

Best Hot Spot Treatment For Dogs Some of Our 5-Star Customer Reviews

"Works great to help heal and offer relief to my dog who is prone to getting dermatitis. I consider it a cure for hot spots on dogs."LizzieTX (Amazon Customer)
“I did a search online for what to put on dog hot spot and the Banixx came up as a potential home remedy. I tried it and it's been great for my dog's hot spot! It started looking better within hours and was completely gone in 2 days.”By s0nicfreak (Amazon Customer)
“When it comes to natural remedies, I can't recommend this product strongly enough. My dog had a bad hot spot on the crease of his hind legs, made it hard for him to walk, wouldn't heal, and had lost lots of hair. 2 treatments and he stopped scratching at the spot, 2-days and the open would was scabbed over, and 2-weeks later he's running through fields and chasing balls again. That's a FAST healing time!”By M. Henry (Amazon Customer)
“I purchased this at a local pet store. My American Bulldog is constantly getting these painful spots from allergies, and cuts/scratches from playing rough. This dog spray is a miracle. I just have to spray it on her scabs and she instantly stops scratching at them and they heal in a day or two. It doesn't really have a smell, and best of all, she seems to love when I spray it on her hot wounds. Definitely will purchase this again.”By Ashes Crashes
"I researched the best product for my dog's itchy skin infection. After reading reviews on several sites on so many different products, I found this one to have the best. After using it twice a day for 3 weeks not only did her skin get better but her hair also grew back on her tail. This is the only product I will ever use on any spots she will ever have. Thankful to have found it."By Crystal (Amazon Customer)
"I have a German Shepherd, a Maltese/Shih Tzu, and a Maine Coon cat, and I've used this on all three with great success every time hot spots develop. I often remove the hair around the infection, clean and dry it and then apply Banixx. From skin dermatitis to flea bites after I forgot to administer their flea medication. I always keep this on-hand and LOVE that it's totally safe to use on my furballs - even around the eyes and mouth. My parents have a mini-farm and after I told my mom about this product, she purchased it and uses with the same results on her three horses, barn cats, and their dog as well. She says its perfect for treating hot spots on horses."By SunnieDays (Amazon Customer)
"I put it on a hot spot on dog's balls in the morning and again in the afternoon and by evening the inflammation is down and healing. By the next day it is almost gone. It also works FAST on cuts and scrapes etc. Whatever this product contains is excellent. I keep a bottle in the bathroom and the den for quick use when needed. It doesn't hurt or burn. The dogs don't mind the spray. Highly recommend this."By Caroline (Amazon Customer)