Treat Horse Wounds That Won't Heal with Banixx

Treat Banixx on Wounds that Won't Heal

The Banixx Pet Care RemedyThe basic science regarding wound healing gives Banixx the edge over most wound and hoof treatments today. It's effective on all types of equine wounds, from acute to chronic.  This includes a potency in treating hoof infections of any sort. Banixx’ s unique fighting abilities against bacteria and fungi are twofold.  The unique pH and the high oxygen level create an acidic environment that reduces the toxicity levels of bacteria/fungus while increasing antimicrobial activity.  Banixx allows the healthy tissue to thrive while it purges the existence of bacteria and fungus. Thus, Banixx controls the pH at the wound/infection area, creating an environment that is totally inhospitable to bacteria and fungus.  This action allows the immune system to spend its energies to heal the injured tissue while Banixx takes care of fighting the infection.

Banixx Used ON Open Wound that would Not Heal

Liberty, a pregnant mare, was involved in a horse trailer accident ...sustaining many open wounds...every horse owner’s nightmare! She was taken to the local clinic and spent many weeks there for treatment and recovery, at a total cost of $15,000. Weeks were spent in intensive care at the clinic. When Liberty was getting ready to foal (and yes - the foal survived the entire ordeal!), The horse still had a large open wound on her leg that would not heal or close.

The clinic advised her owner, Helen, to take Liberty home and return to later for skin grafts to close the wound. However, this was not in Helen’s budget. About this time, Helen stumbled upon Banixx. She thought, "I have nothing to lose but possibly, everything to gain by trying Banixx?"

Wounds That Won't Heal
Wounds That Won't Heal
Wounds That Won't Heal

Helen started applying Banixx, twice daily, by soaking gauze pads in Banixx and applying them to the wound.

At the end of two weeks, the daily bleeding had ceased, the ugly, daily profusion of puss was gone and the wound was shrinking in size.

After 16 weeks, the wound had completely healed and hair had re-grown. Liberty was back to her normal, happy self along with Raven, a Drum, her colt!! 

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Banixx Works From Within on Deep Puncture Wound

Wounds That Won't Hea
Wounds That Won't Heal
Healed with Banixx

As opposed to a mere surface recovery, Banixx penetrates and repairs from the inside out resulting in a lesser chance of infection and avoiding proud flesh.

During a routine "collection" procedure our Friesian horse was impaled on a pipe that was 4.6 feet tall, sustaining a deep puncture wound. (He was supposed to mount a phantom) It impaled him in the hind end between his right testicle and his interior haunch. The massive wound was 3 inches across and 6 inches deep. There was blood everywhere!  He was rushed to UCD in California. Over the next 4 weeks, he became ill from the antibiotics but, eventually recovered.

Once home I choose to use Banixx on my horse's deep puncture wound. Gently I applied Banixx, starting in the cavity of the wound working to the outer area. In less than one week it had closed inside and I could see rapid healing outside too. The wound went into the deep muscle of his right interior hind leg and he was fortunate,   as it missed the abdomen and the femoral artery by less than 1/4 inch.

You can see the scar tissue forming on the far-right photo but I am pretty sure with his good appetite now and the continued use of Banixx, he will be once again the most versatile Friesian stallion who does dressage yet also blazes huge trails with me!

Now my stallion is totally healed - no scar and he is under saddle and as playful as before; he is feeling and looking terrific!

Susie S. Proberta, CA