Treat Horse Skin Wounds, Cuts, Laceration And Injury With Banixx

How Do I Treat my Horse's Skin Wounds, Cuts, Laceration And Injury?

The Banixx Pet Care RemedyWhat is a laceration? A laceration is a tear or trauma to the horse’s skin that exposes the underlying tissues. An injury is often considered a laceration when the skin is torn, and the tear is an irregular shape with jagged edges. A laceration is usually deeper than a cut.

Other injuries to your horse’s skin are abrasions (scrapes), contusions (injured capillary or blood vessel leaks without breaking the skin, a type of hematoma), puncture wounds (deep wound caused by something sharp or pointed).

If the laceration is particularly deep and/or looks damaging, contact your veterinarian for evaluation.

No matter how minor or major the laceration, you want to provide healing protection to your horse. You want to heal the laceration, prevent, and resolve any infection.  The Banixx first-aid products are the first ‘go to’ for lacerations!

Banixx Medicated Shampoo can be used to wash a laceration on a horse, especially if the area around the laceration has dirt and debris. Wearing surgical gloves is recommended so that you personally do not introduce bacteria or fungus. Gently hose the area with a soft pressure, then carefully massage the Banixx Medicated Shampoo around the lacerated area. Let that sit for about 10 minutes before gently hosing off. The 4% Chlorhexidine will kill bacteria and fungus.  Notably, Chlorhexidine is generally the product of choice that your veterinarian will use to clean a wound or to prep for a procedure.  It's a well-respected anti-microbial solution.

After cleaning the area, spray Banixx Horse & Pet Care Spray liberally but gently on the area. The Spray is also a great option to clear debris/dirt from a deep laceration or puncture wound. Gently apply it over the lacerated area and the surrounding tissue. Banixx will not only fight infection but allows healthy tissue to grow along with good hair re-growth. Moreover, you will find that new hair re-grows in your horse’s hair color not ..white!

If the laceration is particularly deep or harsh, after applying the spray, smear a coat of Banixx Wound Care Cream over the surface of the injury and outwards to the margins (edges) of the wound. Our Cream contains 2% Chlorhexidine that aids in fighting infection (it’s a time-honored infection fighter) and the marine collagen plus essential extracts in the formula assist wonderfully with tissue health.  As tissue repairs, it's important to keep the area pliable so that it can "knit" back together.  Dried out tissue takes much longer to repair and is more likely to leave a scar.

The Banixx products will not sting, will not burn, and will not irritate; they provide soothing relief while battling infections, bacteria, fungus, and aid in the recovery of a myriad of skin issues.

Case Study: Horse Severe Attack / Laceration / Injury

horse laceration
horse laceration treated with Banixx

A quarter horse gelding presented with a full-thickness laceration (13.1 cm by 4.5 cm) caused by a severe attack by another horse. Due to the size of the wound, no stitches could be applied (photo on left).

Banixx spray was applied twice daily. After 22 days of Banixx applications, the wound had completely closed on this horse with only a thin white scar remaining (photo on right). The horse was stabled during the day to prevent sun damage to the exposed, unprotected skin.

Banixx was the only product used (prescription or non-prescription) for this infected wound. New, healthy tissue growth was quick, and no secondary infections occurred. Buy Banixx or buy online.