Treat Horse Nostril Wound with Banixx

Case Study: Horse with Deep Nostril Tear & Infection

Horse with deep laceration to nostril - BEFORE Banixx - Day of Injury
Horse with deep laceration to nostril - AFTER Banixx

banixx productsA Standardbred racing mare sustained a deep facial tear near the nostril. Banixx Horse & Pet Care was used per directions and within two weeks the wound on this horse had completely closed. Banixx is has no clinical odor and does not sting on open wounds, which made treating this type of wound easier for the horse and everyone else.

Banixx is the ideal treatment for a sensitive facial or nostril wound in a horse. Nostril wounds cannot be stitched due to their high mobility. Banixx provides quick, immediate, reliable repair for sensitive facial wounds along with the added benefit of having no clinical odor or sting.

Banixx appears to greatly reduce the risk of infection with deep tears (lacerations) and puncture wounds and encourage new tissue growth. This observation has been confirmed many times by veterinarians, such as Dr. Ruby of Arizona (read her comments). Banixx will not cauterize the infected tissue (the wound, thrush etc) thus allowing Banixx to aid the deep healing process instead of promoting mere surface healing. Furthermore, because Banixx is non-steroidal, you don't run the risk that the topical solution itself might increase the risk of infections over time.