Treat Horse with Multiple Sub-Sole Hoof Abscesses with Banixx

Horse Hoof Abscess treatment
Horse Hoof Abscess after Banixx

The Banixx Pet Care RemedyA flat-soled thoroughbred horse with a history of hoof abscesses presented profoundly lame with multiple sub-sole hoof abscesses (see photo at left).

In this hoof abscess case, the hoof had undergone preparation/treatment from the farrier to locate the abscesses, then, the hoof had been subsequently soaked in Epsom Salts to soften the hoof tissue and encourage the abscesses to break through. The abscesses then ruptured, as hoped for, and were actively draining. Once draining, the infection is leaving the interior of the hoof and the healing can begin. At this point, Banixx was applied via a medicine boot so that the hoof was awash in Banixx. This enabled Banixx access to the bacteria/infection, which eliminated the infection, due to the unique pH levels of the Banixx solution. Bacteria/Fungus cannot survive in an environment rich in Banixx. Banixx itself is not a drawing agent. Once the bacteria were eliminated due to submersion in Banixx, infection faded away, leading rapidly to a pain-free, happy horse. By applying Banixx twice daily, the horse was clearly walking comfortably after 48 hours. Five days later, the horse was sound, was re-shod, and able to go back to work.

While veterinarians agree that abscesses are usually caused when bacteria gain entry into the sole, either by penetration of the sole by a sharp object or through hoof cracks, the white line, or hoof injuries, there is a lack of agreement about other possible causes. Nevertheless, a horse with a hoof abscess is in extreme pain and should be treated by a veterinarian or farrier (horseshoer) that is knowledgeable in the matter to resolve the abscess (and the pain!) as quickly as possible.