Treat Horse Injury/Abscess and Infection with Banixx

Case Study: Horse with Horrific Facial Skin Abscess & Infection

Horse Abscess & Infection
Horse Abscess & Infection after Banixx

banixx for horsesBanixx provided quick, effective aid for this deep facial skin abscess & infection.

Zima came in from her pasture December 13, with a tennis ball sized lump on the side of her face. The source of this injury and/or infection is unknown but an abscess was suspected. In short order, the area erupted and a foul smelling pus effused. The vet's treatment protocol was antibiotics and phenylbutazone (bute), with instructions to clean the area with a dilute iodine product. Improvement was minimal during these first 11 days.

On December 24th, the owner began to use Banixx on the wound (according to the label instructions). The area improved immediately. Look at the recovery, with Banixx, after just 17 days of treatment, in the photo (above) taken on Jan 11th!

New, healthy tissue growth was quick and the horse easily tolerated the application of Banixx on the wound area because Banixx has no clinical odor and has no sting/burn upon application.