How to Treat Severe Thrush with Banixx

Chronic Thrush - BEFORE Banixx
Chronic Thrush - Day 3 WITH Banixx

The Banixx Pet Care RemedyA deep, severe thrush infection had penetrated deep into the sensitive Plantar cushion within the horse's hoof, and this horse was lame.

The hole caused by the thrush infection, seen in the picture at left, was 1/2" deep before treatment. After 3 days of Banixx application with a medicine boot, there was a huge reduction in both the size and depth of the horse's thrush infection (see photo above, at right).

Thrush is a common anaerobic bacterial infection of the horse’s hoof tissue characterized by a black, necrotic (dead), foul-smelling material. This condition typically affects the central or collateral sulci, but in severe cases thrush can also invade the white line, sole, and sensitive layers of the foot, potentially resulting in permanent lameness.

The medication boot was important for maintaining the foot in the Banixx solution and keeping the foot in a clean environment. Learn more about the reason for using a medicine boot.

Banixx is documented to produce "fast results even with painful severe thrush, with pain markedly decreased within one to two days" (Horse Journal, Dec 2009).