Treat Chickens & Other Bird Infections & Injuries with Banixx

Banixx for Chixx

Banixx is the first-aid product of choice for bird owners, whether it be for pleasure (backyard chickens, show poultry/chickens), a household pet such as a parrot, parakeet, canary, pigeon, an exotic bird variety or a raptor such as a falcon or a hawk, Banixx is the #1 recommended product for bacterial infections, fungal infections and injuries.

Bird enthusiasts turn to Banixx to address a myriad of infections and common ailments (Aspergillosis, Trichomoniasis, etc.) because it’s a very tissue-friendly product. It has zero odor—that makes for a very happy bird. It further has zero burn/sting and isn’t sticky. Its m.o. is a very natural process. By creating a hostile environment, due to its low pH values, bacteria and fungus literally run for the door once it's applied! These infectious agents cannot survive in a low pH environment, now doesn’t that make good sense?

Banixx is also an excellent cleaning product for your bird’s environment as it is steroid-free, devoid of antibiotics, and non-toxic. When used on your bird, Banixx will provide immediate relief to your bird while aiding in the recovery of injuries and/or skin and feather issues. You can be confident that you are addressing your bird’s best welfare with Banixx! See Case Studies below for real-life examples.

Our case studies (below) show the actual results of Banixx when used on a variety of wounds, infections, and other skin problem conditions in the bird.

Case Study: Snowball the Duck

banixx for birds

Another Bird Wound Success Story

Snowball, the family pet duck, was attacked by two terriers who dug their way into the fenced-in yard of the Shore Family home. The Terriers were en route to attack the family chickens. Instead, it was Snowball to the rescue! He shielded the chickens and bore the brunt of the attack, sustaining a large, 3-inch wide hole in his chest, revealing a cavity that went right down to the bone. With all of the noise of the attack, the Shore family came running out of the house, armed with brooms and whatever they could find, to rescue Snowball and the chickens. The Shore family say that they always have Banixx on hand for all manner of ailments and emergencies. With just the daily use of Banixx, SnowBall was restored to full health and made a complete and wholesome recovery! Here is a picture of our healed-up SnowBall, today, with no trace of any injury."

Case Study: Sick,injured African Grey Parrot Treatment

bird plucking feathers
bird plucking feathers
bird plucking feathers treated with feathers

Lolito, a male African Grey, was suffering from a stress condition, leading to self-mutilation by plucking his own feathers. The mutilation caused skin lacerations and abrasions. The only feathers left were those on his head, as he could not reach those feathers!

Once de-feathered, he was a target for infection! Aspergillosis is a fungal infection that commonly causes respiratory disease in pet birds. Banixx is a superior, non-stinging, odorless spray that knocks the stuffing out of any such fungal infection.

Lolito was treated by Dr. Jose Rafael Velez, at his Vet Clinic, with Banixx spray and an anti-depressant. Lolito was compliant with the application of Banixx since it has no clinical odor to frighten him and no burn to cause him discomfort. Lolito's cage was enlarged and his daily activity and communcation was made a priority. As you can see, Lolito made a full recovery!!

Photos courtesy Dr. Velez

Spending time with your Bird/Parrot (= better health!)

For domestic pet birds or parrots, contact, communication and stimulation are all important aspects that go along with bird care. Any playful interaction between bird and owner is positive behavior adding richness to both the bird’s and owner’s lives. When it comes to birds and parrots, communication is a critical component in ensuring their mental health. African Greys are known to be intelligent, thus interface between him/her and the owner is not only beneficial but vital to their happiness and subsequently their health.

Here are a few ideas to improve the owner to bird relations:

  • Work out a schedule so that your bird can depend on certain windows of time to have
  • contact with you.
  • To kick this idea into gear, one thought may be to plan some early morning snack time
  • together with your bird before you leave the premises for your work. This could also be
  • an evening habit, after you finish dinner.
  • Another thought is to leave on the television or radio, in the bird’s environment, while
  • you are gone as a source of mental inspiration.
  • Find some interesting toys for your bird. Look for ones that will encourage movement by
  • your bird and/or some mental stimulation. The goal is to keep your bird occupied in a
  • positive way.
  • Depending on the bird, you may allow some out of cage evening activities that are fun for
  • both of you. If you have family, encourage their participation.

Amazon Review by Dianne:

“This stuff works miracles. I have a pet chicken that was hurt by a dog. I didn’t know better then and put it in with my other chickens after it was injured. The next morning I went to see how she was doing and the other chickens had pecked her whole back down to the bone in an area the size of a saucer. She was almost dead. I immediately took her out of the pen with the other chickens, sprayed Banixx on her 3 to 4 times a day and within a couple of days it had a scab on it and then started to heal. This stuff kept her from getting infected too. Soon my hen was as good as new and all her feathers came back. I learned a huge lesson and kept her in her own pen thereafter until she was totally healed and strong again, only then I let her out with the other chickens during the day, but at night she had her own pen. She was a happy, healthy hen all because of Banixx. I think it saved her life and it healed her wound much quicker than expected.”

Jeffers Pet Review by RC:

"Banixx For Chixx is great for pet birds! My canary kept getting sore feet. I was told by a local store to try Banixx. It really works. I just clean the perches with it and my sweet canary stays healthy! Never has a problem with his feet."