Banixx For Horses

Acclaimed as a 'Product of the Year' by the notable Horse Journal because: "It does what it claims to do", "results are clearly superior" and "what our testers have found they simply wouldn't be without again". Banixx continues its reputation as a fast-acting, affordable aid in the recovery of every kind of bacterial and fungal infection.

Banixx has no foreign scent or sting to frighten your horse and is clinically tested to be Safe around the Eye. It is steroid-free, antibiotic-free and bio-

degradable; with a minimum shelf life of three years, Banixx remains viable even after freezing.

Testimonial from Kelly of Phoenix, AZ of horse neck injury, infection & laceration:

My horse got spooked and jumped out of her stall... hit her neck on a large wooden beam. She was just a mess! The injury took 28 inside stitches and 35 staples to put her back together! The first week I just kept it clean and let it drain. The next week I used several other products, all to no avail... some stained her, some irritated the injury. Finally, on about the 14th day, I tried Banixx. It didn't bother my mare and she actually stopped rubbing her neck. I used it AM and PM and within 8 days the injury closed up and it healed wonderfully. The scar is now almost gone and all of her hair is growing back.

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