Banixx For Cats

Banixx is the first-aid product of choice for cat owners for:

The case studies below show the successful application of Banixx for cats. Frequently, products developed for dogs are not suitable for cats. Not so Banixx - it is safe for cats. Banixx has been used successfully on a 12-week-old kitten with severe facial trauma. Also, visit the Cat FAQs.

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Although the outcome is fantastic, some of these photos may not be suitable for sensitive viewers.

Case Study: Cat with Chronic Ear and Skin Infection

cat ear and skin infection
cat ear and skin infection treated with Banixx
Purchased your product Sunday. Today, just 4 days later, my cat’s ears are 90% healed. In a nutshell, the backs of his ears were about 80% scabs, cuts, blisters, and bleeding. I noticed a difference within 24 hours. He has suffered from this problem every summer for 5 years. Out of all medications that we have used on the poor fellow, this is one that he does not mind, tolerates it, even, I think, with a thank you at the end!Submitted by Steve P. & Mr. Zeppo of Marietta, GA

Cat ear infections may cause serious health issues and may reach an advanced state before symptoms become noticeable. If you suspect your cat may have an ear infection, do not hesitate to contact your veterinarian immediately.  Find Banixx near you or buy online.

Case Study: Kitten with Severe Facial Trauma & Injuries

kitten facial injury
kitten facial injury
cat facial injury treated with Banixx
cat facial trauma after using Banixx

Rescued from the side of the road, this 12–week old kitten had apparently been tossed out of a car window. The cat had lost part of his nose and sinus, had severe abrasions and open wounds. Due to the cat's age, the severity of his injuries and skin wound infection, only loose stitches could initially be applied. Banixx was used to successfully flush the cat's wound debris and infection. The stitches did not hold, so the treatment of choice was to drip Banixx onto the cat's face twice daily using a small eye dropper. The cat recovered, as you see in the pictures, and obtained a loving home through the treating veterinarian, Dr. Broadhurst of Pinehurst, NC, and The Moore Humane Society. Dr. Broadhurst was recently awarded (2010) the Distinguished Veterinarian Award by the North Carolina Veterinary Medical Association. His comment about Banixx: "Great Product! No pain, no clinical odor, easy to apply...Healing time is greatly accelerated."

Customers 5-star Ratings
I'm involved in cat rescue and this product is amazing! I'm so glad you posted this because I wasn't sure if it treated hot spots. I suggested it to a girl at work for her dog hoping it would help and now I am positive it will work. I don't swear by many products but this is one I love! Go to their website and look at everything it does. It's very gentle but extremely effective!!!Cindy Hvizdak
Many products used on other animals cannot be used on cats; however, that is not the case with Banixx™. We have had amazing results on wounds and burns on cats.Dr. Broadhurst, a feline specialist in Pinehurst, NC
"One of my cats ears were really bad, Black funk coming out of her ears and ... I am always very Skeptical of products for my babies, but this actually worked. One of my cats ears were really bad, Black funk coming out of her ears and everyone kept its ear mites, but the ear mite medication wouldn't clear up anything. The Banixx cleared her ears in three days, doing once in the morning and once at night. I am so happy this product worked like it said it would. Thank you"Vortatia, Amazon Customer
“We have been treating our cat for ear infections for 2 years. The vets have given up. I thought this was worth a try. After a week the infection is gone. I recommend this product to everyone!”Eve, Amazon Customer

Case Study: Cat with Ringworm

cat ringworm treated with Banixx

Meet Mr. Ringworm, our grey cat here! He was so named because he had been plagued by cat ringworm for years, losing much of his hair and his good looks! His caretaker then found Banixx for cats! After successfully treating Mr. Ringworm's infected skin with Banixx, he is clear of ringworm and, now, he is just called... Mr. R.

Ringworm in cats/kittens is very contagious, so be sure to use precautions when treating (wear disposable gloves, sanitize all bedding and cat living areas).

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Case Study: Cat Infection Results with Banixx Pet Care

cat wound
cat injury
cat treated with Banixx

Diego had gotten himself into a cat fight, while I was traveling. The caretakers did not notice the cat’s skin infection. Friday, the first day after the cat fight injuries, the wound was noticed on Diego (photo top, left). Thank goodness for Banixx, it showed amazing healing in only two days (middle photo).

Healthy and Naughty Diego is now ready for Christmas mischief (photo above, right)! If you notice, the upper thigh where Diego had the very severe and infected wound, it has even re-grown hair. You can no longer see the scar.  Find Banixx near you or buy online.

Cat Injury treatment

Case Study: Cat Injury Treatment with Banixx Pet Care

“One of my cats sustained an injury because of collar that tightened around her neck, but didn’t break away. I’d successfully used Banixx in the past for other injuries my cats have sustained, but this is by far the most impressive series of photos that I’ve captured as she heals. We’re almost there.”Michelle Messer