What if my horse will not tolerate a medicine boot or if I cannot find one to fit him?

The Banixx Pet Care RemedyA medicine boot is a waterproof boot that fits over a horse’s hoof, and is usually used to saturate or soak the hoof in a liquid substance. It may cover as much as up to the ankle or just up to the coronary band.  The style of boot depends on what purpose it will serve. Some horses will not tolerate a medicine boot, particularly if it is used on a hind foot or if the horse is very young or skittish. Moreover, even though medicine boots come in various sizes, sometimes you cannot locate the proper size for your particular horse The difficulty in finding a boot to fit a Clydesdale comes to mind!

Here are some alternatives to using a medicine boot:

  • Apply several layers of gauze pads, secured by duct tape and/or vet wrap, leaving a small opening where the Banixx solution can be inserted.
  • A used but clean IV bag, a 5 liter IV bag works best, and can be obtained from a local veterinarian clinic for minimal or no cost.. Once the bag is over the hoof, pour in enough Banixx to reach/saturate the afflicted area, then gently secure the “boot” around the pastern with duct tape or Vetwrap.
  • A baby diaper saturated with Banixx, and held in place with duct tape, vet wrap or Elastikon is a popular alternative.

curved-tip syringe

Plastic curved-tip syringe.

One of the easiest ways to apply or re-apply Banixx to the “boot” is via a plastic curved-tip syringe.This method allows the owner to saturate the hoof area without disturbing the “boot”.  Curved tip syringes can be obtained from your veterinarian, farrier or are often available at your local feed or tack store. Whether you use a medicine boot or a homemade boot, it is vital that the affected area is awash in Banixx so that Banix has some time to go to work.