Can I treat thrush in my horse's hoof by just spraying Banixx onto my horse's feet?

The Banixx Pet Care RemedyNot for best results with severe thrush. Thrush resides in the dark, warm, moist crevices and cracks that are deep around the horse’s frog (called collateral grooves). Spraying Banixx onto the hoof frog surface just doesn’t reach into those deep crevices, since the spray will likely roll right over these hidden places and never get the chance to deeply penetrate. The hoof tissue needs to be awash in Banixx, making good contact with the thrush infection to do its job. The reason for this is simple.  Banixx is a low pH solution and here's the good news!  Bacteria cannot grow and survive in a low pH environment.  Even better, thrush can also have a fungal component and guess what? Banixx is a potent anti-fungal agent too. So, with one product you can clear up thrush in short order.

One approach that we recommend, for best results with chronic thrush, is to treat it in a medicine boot, or similar.  A used IV saline bag (that is generally made from heavy duty plastic and Free from your Vet) is also a great alternative to a medicine boot. Just be sure to rinse it thoroughly before using.  A small disposable baby diaper can also work well, fastening it in place with duct tape. In summary, the ideal option is something that will fit closely around the horse’s hoof and allow Banixx to be poured into that ‘container’ to a level that ensures coverage of all the thrushy tissue in the hoof.  This way the infected (thrush) tissue is submerged in Banixx and thereby allows it to do its magic on the thrush infection.

Along with treatment, the horse or pony needs to be in an environment that is clean and dry as well as free of manure, urine, and mud as much as is possible. This will allow Banixx to continue to work and reduce additional bacterial and fungal exposure.