Why is Banixx different from other products sold for thrush in horse's hoof, white line disease and abscesses?

The Banixx Pet Care RemedyYou have many choices to treat your horse for thrush, abscesses, and white line disease but many are messy, damaging to the healthy tissue and difficult to use. Not Banixx! Banixx mode of action is vastly different from other products sold for treatment of thrush in a horse’s hoof, white line disease and abscesses. Many hoof products contain components such as iodine, which cauterize the infected area allowing surface problems to heal but sealing in the deeper infection. Banixx does not cauterize and thereby allows both surface healing and deep healing to progress. Additionally, Banixx will not stain. Banixx is clear, does not burn or sting. Banixx targets the bacteria and fungus, not your horse – so healthy tissue is not damaged with Banixx.

Simply spray Banixx on the affected area or put a medicine boot (or use an IV bag) on your horse’s affected hoof, add 4 ounces of - and let Banixx go to work!

Suitable for ALL Pets! Buy Banixx or buy online. 

Banixx products are proudly made in the USA!