How to treat my dog's burns and scalds with Banixx?

banixx pet careDogs can be burned or scalded in a number of ways – through electricity, heat from hot objects or liquids, crawling under cars in summer to stay cool and chemicals. First degree burns are those that don’t break the skin. While these can be very painful, they’re usually superficial in nature and treatable at home. Second or third degree burns are much more serious, as the skin is partially or completely burned. In the case of these severe burns, take your dog to the veterinarian as soon as possible for treatment.

The pain from burns can vary in intensity, but even the milder burns can potentially develop into infections due to a bacteria associated with burns called Pseudomonas. In some dogs, pseudomonas bacteria can result in a mild skin rash or ear/eye infection; in dogs whose immune systems have been compromised, this bacteria can cause a severe infection that can be life-threatening.

Using Banixx® Pet Care on dog burns and scalds

When Banixx is used on dog burns and scalds, it is highly successful, because it is effective against pseudomonas. Its gentle, soothing formula creates a pH environment that makes it impossible for this bacteria to live – but it doesn’t sting or burn when applied to the wound nor does it have a clinical odor to frighten your dog.

Simply spray Banixx 2-3 times daily on the burn wound. Treat until the desired result is achieved. Banixx aids in the recovery from infection thus alleviating the pain from the wound in short order.


"My dog, Sadie, crawled under my duelly truck and got badly burned on the exhaust system. I used Banixx immediately on her.  In a couple of days, she was almost healed. Now she is back to new... I am impressed!"Melissa M.
A cat that had been in a barn fire was brought into the local veterinarian's clinic recently and treated with Banixx Pet Care. "The pain relief and accelerated healing were remarkable."Dr. Broadhurst, Feline Specialist
Rabbits that were turned over to Witts End Animal Rescue (Kissimmee, Florida) by local animal control officers after having been badly burned in a house fire, made an incredible recovery. Witts End even posted the amazing pictures on the Banixx FaceBook.Visit
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