How do I treat my dog's/puppy's skin fungus, face fungus with Banixx?

Dog/Puppy Fungus Infections

Skin fungal infections are always a threat to your dog or puppy. They are caused by various types of fungi which usually live in plants, soil, animal waste, decaying leaves and animal waste. If your dog or puppy ever goes outside, she’s exposed to fungi, especially if she inhales, touches or ingests any of these types of matter in her outdoor explorations.

banixx pet careDogs can also get fungal infections from other animals or, as a result of the overgrowth of fungi that are naturally present on their own bodies.

If you notice abnormal areas on your dog’s face or other areas, take him to a vet for a diagnosis. If the area looks like a circular red welt, it could be ringworm. Or it could be a bacterial infection.

In addition, your dog or puppy will most likely be scratching at those fungal infected areas – possibly resulting in hot spots and infections simply caused by her scratching enough to break her skin open, thus inviting further infection.

How do I treat my dog’s fungus infection?

Saturate your dog/puppy’s skin fungus or face fungus area well with Banixx Pet Care, using cotton balls or similar, to ensure the Banixx solution reaches down to the fungal spores. Banixx has potent anti-fungal properties that make it impossible for fungus to live, so the infection will quietly disappear.

Treat your dog twice daily (more, if you can) until desired results are achieved. Consider using disposable gloves to eliminate the risk of transfer of the fungus.  And, remember, if your dog has bald spots due to the fungus, new hair is like fine gossamer and difficult for the naked eye to see, so be patient.  New hair takes a few weeks to be apparent to your eye.

The good news is that Banixx has a soothing action that does not sting or burn when applied. In addition, it has no clinical odor and can be used safely alongside any medication that your vet prescribes. And note that it will not harm your puppy’s eyes or ears if it needs to be used in the facial area. Buy Banixx or buy online.