How To Treat A Cut On A Dog or Puppy

Wounds / Hot Spots on Dogs

Many of our customers have asked us, "What can I put on a my dog's wound?" We always reply that Banixx can aid in recovery of infection by bringing extra oxygen to the area. Additionally it creates an environment that resists any bacterial or fungal growth due to Banixx unique pH formula while being gentle on healthy tissue.

Here's our dog cut treatment recommendation:

  • Apply Banixx right onto your dog's or puppy's wound, cut, tear, laceration or puncture each morning and evening, so all you need to do is allow Banixx to do its job on your dog or puppy.

The reason for the morning and evening applications of Banixx is to actively help with your pet’s natural immune system to remove bacteria and fungus. Then, by allowing the area to “rest” undisturbed during the day, your dog or puppy can regenerate healthy tissue in the affected area.

With the evening treatment of Banixx, the process begins all over again, and the natural process of repair continues. Spraying Banixx too often may slow down the repair process if you are dealing with a serious wound because the constant spraying "disturbs" the tissue repair process.

Even though Banixx is a potent anti-fungal and antibacterial agent, it is also gentle on tissue and will not sting, stain, or cause damage to even the most tender of areas. Banixx is clinically proven safe around the eye. Knowing this, you can be sure that Banixx is suitable for use with young or wary pets, or any dog or puppy that may be problematic to treat.

View a case study about a puppy paw injury.

banixx productWOUNDS / HOT SPOTS ON DOGS

Banixx is an excellent dog wound treatment and perfect for puppy wound care. And while many of our customers buy Banixx to address their puppy's wounds or injuries, they also buy Banixx to address their dog's hot spots, ear infections and itchy skin problems. If you think your pup is suffering from a hotspot, we recommend you visit our dog hot spot treatment page.

Day One Puppy/Dog Paw injuryFinal Dog/Puppy Paw Injury - Result with Banixx

Dog Wound Testimonial

“I run a rescue, this stuff is WONDERFUL! A dog was caught in fencing. The vet sewed the dog up but the wound became necrotic. I washed, rinsed, dried and applied BANIXX 3-4 times a day! Product results were in ONE month!”Vickie G., Facebook
Dog Necrotic Wound Before Banixx
Dog Necrotic Wound Before Banixx
Dog Wound One month using Banixx
Dog Wound One month using Banixx
Dog Wound Two months using Banixx
Dog Wound Two months using Banixx