How To Treat Bacterial Skin Infections in Dogs

Banixx Treatment For Bacterial Skin Infections in Dogs

Skin infections in dogs or puppies may be bacterial or fungal in nature. For more information on the possible cause, please visit our skin infections page.

Banixx is the treatment solution of choice for dog skin infections because it's gentle on tissue yet potent, and since Banixx has no clinical odor or sting to upset your dog or puppy, it's easy to apply. And, because it has no odor, dogs generally will not attempt to lick it off. However, it's always a smart idea to be proactive when treating your dog. So find some amusement or distraction for him/her when you apply Banixx. For example, take him/her for a walk, feed him/her a treat or, play a game with him/her so that Banixx has time to work on your dog's skin.

To apply. Simply spray it on or, for more fearful or shy dogs (or, if you are unsure of your dog's possible reaction), use a cotton ball well-moistened with Banixx. Press it gently in place on your dog's skin infection to make solid contact with the irritation site. Banixx must make good contact with infection to work well. Use Banixx on the afflicted skin morning and evening. Then, just let Banixx go to work! Maintain this treatment process with Banixx on your dog's problem skin until desired results are evident. For a dog prone to skin infections, it may be desirable to treat his skin on a weekly basis to ward off future infections. You, as the owner, are the best judge of this course of action.

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Banixx Treatment For a Hot Spot Skin Infection

Banixx is gentle enough for a young pup or an aging dog and is a very dog-friendly product. Clinically proven safe around the eye and benign, Banixx is ideal for use with young pups or nervous pets. If you think a bacterial skin infection is causing your dog to get hotspots, please see our pictures of hot spots on our hot spot’s page to get the visual of what this condition looks like. You can also learn what causes hot spots on dogs to determine what is causing them to appear on your pup. View our dog hot spots page here.

Is it also great for ear infections, ringworm, mange and other conditions. Visit our pages on these skin conditions to learn more. Buy Banixx or buy online.


Kuma ,  the dog shown here, turned up one bitter winter evening; she was weak and thin, looking to be about one year old.  She is a Pitbull mix and her tail was in dire straits…it was completely mangled…a dog wound on steroids!

Half of her tail showed nothing but meat and bones and it was badly infected.

“A trip to the vet was discouraging, we couldn’t afford the fees; we bought some antibiotics and took her home with us. Timing of learning about Banixx couldn’t have been better!  We started treating her tail 2-3 times daily. We did not attempt to wrap it.

After a few weeks skin began to grow over the spots where bone had been exposed.  Fast forward a few more weeks and hair started to come in…covering her entire tail.  Today, she is a happy, healthy dog! No more dog skin irritation.”

Dave…Kuma’s owner, says “I now use Banixx on many all varieties of skin and infection problems on a multitude of animals.  Kuma and I are walking testimonials for Banixx Pet Care; I tell every-one about Banixx. It is the best Pet product out there!”

View here to see more detail of this case study about a serious dog tail infection. 

Dog Tail Skin Infection, before treatment with Banixx
Dog Tail Skin Infection, before treatment with Banixx
Dog Tail Skin Infection after Banixx
Dog Tail Skin Infection after Banixx