Cat Ear Yeast Infection Treatment

Itchy, Scratchy Ears: Ear Yeast Infections in Cats

cat ear infection A cat ear yeast infection is one of the most commonly diagnosed cat ear problems at veterinary clinics. According to one study published in the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery, ear infections were found in 55.1% of the stray cat study population. You’ve seen it! Your cat’s ears are itchy and she is endlessly scratching at them. They may also be painful, but unlike their canine counterparts, cats, by nature, tend to be very stoic creatures. As a result, ear infections in cats, or ear mites, may cause serious health issues and may reach an advanced state long before symptoms become noticeable.

Unfortunately, cat ear infections won’t simply go away on their own, and they can result in hearing loss if left untreated. If you suspect your cat may have an ear infection, do not hesitate to contact your veterinarian immediately. Only your vet can help you determine the underlying cause of the infection which may be:

  • A yeast issue
  • A bacterial infection
  • Ear mites

It is generally considered that about half of cat ear infections are due to mites, hence involvement with your Vet is highly recommended for a quick resolution. Your Vet will prescribe an ear mite medicine for your cat that will clear up the mites quickly. But ear mites, in cats, cause such severe itchiness that your kitty will scratch, for relief, until she has open lesions. Here’s where Banixx Pet care comes in as a gentle, effective home remedy for ear mites in cats. It’s not an insecticide so it doesn’t kill the mites, the Vet’s prescribed medicine does that, but Banixx clears up the nasty injuries and possible infection caused by your cat’s nonstop scratching.

If on the other hand, your cat’s ear infection is due to a yeast/fungal issue or bacterial issue, you’re at the right page! Yeast and bacteria love a moist environment in which to grow, and that very place is in the deep and dark part of a cat’s ear canal. As a powerful infection fighter, Banixx Pet Care spray can be used as an antifungal or antibacterial for cats in conjunction with any formulation prescribed by your veterinarian.

It's also a popular over the counter (OTC) cat ear cleaner and really soothing for your cat’s ears.  With cats, it may be best to apply Banixx as a cat ear yeast infection treatment via a cotton ball for minimal trauma rather than use the spray option. Home-made Pet wipes may be used to clean up your cat’s ears and may be great to have on hand if ear cleaning is a regular routine for you and your cat. However, the fact that Banixx has no clinical odor or burn is a winner for keeping your cat comfortable and happy. Banixx is commonly used as a cat ear infection home treatment for keeping your cat's ears clean and in tip-top condition.

Banixx Reviews - What Our Customers Have To Say

This is the only thing that cleared the yeast infection in my cat's ear. Multiple vets thought it was ear mites, but drops didn't work. I eventually searched online and yeast infections in cat ears looked like what my cat has. I immediately gave her Bannix and she stopped scratching.
I have tried numerous products with minimal success, but this stuff works really well.
 Enoch appreciated that there is absolutely no scent to this product and it doesn't sting like hydrogen peroxide can.
 I used it to clean his ears and nail beds and he tolerated it really well.
This product healed my cat’s yeast infection and ear mites! After running out of the $100 antibiotics I got from the vet (was not effective for very long) I kept up with cleaning my cats ears with this and have had no problems! Good instant relief.
My cat had a severe ear infection, antibiotics and other medication weren’t working at all. He was in pain and nothing was relieving it and the infection was spreading. I was heart broken and searching for solutions. I googled a bunch of methods and Banixx was the top recommended.
I have a cat with respiratory issues who tends to get ear infections. I use Banixx when he first starts showing signs - he hasn't had a full fledged ear infection since I started this.
I have my little rescue cat that found her way to me around Thanksgiving last year. She had been living outside for I don't know how long. One eye was almost crusted shut and her ears were horribly dirty. I tried SEVERAL cleaners. Banixx was the best.
Ann Reed
Amazing is all my wife and I can say. We spent over $600.00 on the veterinary for our cats yeast infection in the ears. The product cleared the ears within a few days. The cats have clean and clear ears now. Cleared the eye infection up too.
I purchase this for my cat who has always had problems with hotspots, itching, bites and ear infections. My vet recommended to have his eardrum removed due to the frequency of his ear infections. I said NO! I bought Banixx and it really worked!!
My cat had an ear infection that wouldn't go away and it was driving me crazy. This stuff is amazing!

What are the Symptoms of Cat ear infections?

banixx pet care

Is your cat scratching at her ears or frequently tilting her head to one side?
Is she shaking her head frequently?
Are your cat's ears smelly?
Does your cat's ear stink?
Do you notice heat around the ears?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, your pet may have a cat ear yeast infection.

Other ear infection symptoms in cats to look for include:

  • Black or yellowish discharge
  • Redness or swelling in and around the ear
  • Waxy buildup on or near the ear canal
  • Discharge from the ear that resembles coffee grounds (a symptom of ear mites)
  • Hearing loss or loss of balance

What causes cat ear infections?

It is estimated that about half of all feline ear infections are caused by ear mites. These infestations generally occur in kittens and outdoor cats, but adult indoor cats can be easily infected as well. Adult indoor cats often succumb to this when an infected kitten is introduced to the household. Fortunately, a veterinarian can quickly determine if ear mites are the cause, and will prescribe a straightforward, anti-parasitic treatment to eliminate them in short order. In the meantime, you can sleep easy knowing that any surface tissue damage can be easily fixed with a few applications of Banixx Pet ear and skin infection

If ear mites are not the culprit, then the cause of your cat's ear infection will be the result of another underlying medical condition. Although the overgrowth of yeast is the most common cause of fungal ear infections in cats, bacterial infections, both pathogenic (picked up from outside) and non-pathogenic (such as staph) are also quite common cat ear problems. Other contributing causes of ear infections in cats include:

  • Allergies (dietary or environmental)
  • Tumors/polyps within the ear canal or a ruptured eardrum
  • Foreign bodies lodged within the ear canal such as foxtails or grass seeds
  • Wax buildup or thick hair within the ear canal
  • Autoimmune diseases or immune suppressing diseases  (FIV, feline leukemia virus, etc.)
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Improper ear cleaning     Buy Banixx or buy online.

How are Cat Ear Infections Diagnosed?

great ringworm treatment for catsMake no mistake, an ear infection can be a complex and serious matter for your cat’s well-being and overall health.  It’s essential that you get your cat in for treatment with a trusted veterinarian at the first signs of any ear discomfort.  Not only are ear infections painful for your cat, regardless of the underlying cause, but they can become chronic and lead to deafness, or even facial paralysis, in short order.

In spite of your cat’s obvious displeasure, the veterinarian will start by looking in your cat’s ear canal with an instrument called an otoscope.  It is important to confirm that the eardrum is intact and not ruptured. Any collected ear debris will be examined under a microscope to determine its identity, such as ear mites, yeast, bacteria, etc.  Occasionally, additional tests may be necessary, but once the underlying cause is identified, treatment isn’t usually too complicated. Common treatments include antibiotics, corticosteroids, antifungals, and anti-parasitics.  Buy Banixx or buy online.

How are Cat Ear Infections Treated?

Whether the cause of your cat’s ear infection is determined to be a yeast infection, a bacterial infection, or from ear mites, your vet will prescribe a course of treatment with antifungals, antibiotics, and/or anti-parasitics, all of which come in the form of eardrops or ointment. If the infection has reached the middle ear, but the eardrum has not been compromised, the vet may prescribe a course of antibiotics that may be oral or injectable. If a foreign body is lodged in the ear canal, the Vet will sedate your cat and remove the object. More serious causes will be addressed by your vet and a course of action decided upon.

Don’t be surprised if the vet clips the fur around the cat’s ear canal prior to applying feline ear infection treatments. This provides a cleaner surface for the application of medication and allows for proper drying around the ear canal. On rare occasions, surgery may be recommended to remove swollen tissue that has narrowed or blocked the ear canal; however, this concern can most often be sufficiently addressed with medication.

A cat’s ear canal is shaped like an “L,” and it is important to get the medication into the lower part of the ear canal – the horizontal ear canal. For best results, make sure that you have explored with your vet the proper way to administer ear drops to your cat. Initially, you may need to secure your cat from scratching, struggling, or even biting you through this process. Remember that your cat’s condition is most likely painful, and even the most passive cat may respond aggressively to treatment. PATIENCE and possibly the use of cat treats, as a bribe is essential to prevent your cat (and you) from over-stressing when treating ear infections in cats.

If the medication has been refrigerated, and your vet has confirmed that the medication can be warmed without damage, consider warming it up by running it under warm water or placing the container in a bowl of warm water for a few minutes prior to administering it. This won’t do anything to affect the treatment outcome, but it may reduce the fear response from your cat caused by the sudden introduction of a cold substance into her ear. This may also apply to sprays. Never microwave the medication  – or any drops/sprays administered to your pets!

After applying any ear medication, if the area around your cat’s ear is overly greasy, you may be applying too much medication, which can make a mess of your clothes, furniture, bedding or carpet This is one problem you will never experience with Banixx Pet Care. Since Banixx is purified water-based, there is never a greasy residue after application. And with no dyes or color additives, you never have to worry about “wearing” your pet’s medication. Streaks of color through your pet’s fur may be chic, but you don’t want to see it on your new sofa or carpet!  Buy Banixx or buy online.

Can Cat Ear Infections be Prevented?

There’s no two ways around it, a daily or weekly inspection of your cat’s ears is the best method for prevention of ear infections in your cat. Despite the predictable objection from your furry friend, take the time to routinely check your cat’s ears for redness, residue/discharge, and any offensive odor. Healthy ears are pale pink with no visible residue/discharge and no odor. You may see some ear wax, but it should be minimal, if any. As with human ears, never insert a cleaning device (swab or Q-tip) into your cat’s ear canal - you can easily do much more harm than good. Visit our Cat Blog to learn more about ear wax concerns. 

How to use Banixx at home to treat my cat’s ear infection?

Once your veterinarian has determined the underlying cause of your cat’s ear infection, the best course of treatment will be recommended to quickly and safely eliminate it. If the problem is mites, an anti-parastic ointment will take care of them economically and in short order. Banixx Pet Care can then be applied as a soothing, healing agent to treat the infection and irritation caused by the biting mites. If your cat has a yeast/fungal infection, Banixx can be used to quickly combat the yeast/fungus infection and, thereafter, as a regular ear cleaner for this type of cat ear problem.

treatment for cats and kittens with ringworm

Banixx Pet Care can be used at home, in conjunction with any prescribed medication, to provide your cat with instant, soothing relief from the irritation caused by biting  insects or other nasty parasites.  Banixx’ low pH solution will also quickly combat any yeast or fungal infection by creating an environment in which bacteria and fungus simply CANNOT GROW, thus allowing the prescribed medication to concentrate on the existing infection. Fortunately, since Banixx is not only an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal treatment for cats, it’s the ideal product for the treatment your of cat’s ear issue.

Any cat owner knows that cats, in general, tend to be very timid when it comes to sprays so don’t start out trying to spray Banixx into your cat’s ear. Rather, simply spray Banixx onto the cotton ball until moistened (not dripping), and gently apply 2-3 times daily to the affected ear(s). As an efficient, non-messy cat ear fungus treatment Banixx works on contact, but soak-time is important. The inside of the ear must be well moistened with Banixx for optimal results. Be sure to gently massage Banixx into your cat's ear. Most cats love this! Results should be seen in a couple of days. You will love Banixx' quick results as an economical home remedy. Your cat will love the fact that Banixx, devoid of any smell or clinical odor, causes absolutely no pain or discomfort!

But it gets even better!  With a shelf life of three years, Banixx is a breeze to store at room temperature - without any fear of spoilage from those sudden, unexpected bouts of excessive heat or freezing temperatures.  And because it’s gentle, odorless, colorless, and will not sting or burn your pet, Banixx is the “PURR-FECT” preemptive ear cleaner to keep future ear infections at bay.

As always, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. By "prevention" we mean being proactive and involved in your pet's welfare.  For example, if you are using Banixx for a particular problem and results are not seen in a few days or, if the situation seems worse--don't hesitate---it's time to consult with your local veterinarian!

Note: The content provided in this post is intended for informational purposes and does not constitute medical advice regarding pets. For diagnosis of your pet's condition, please make an appointment with your vet.

Customer Testimonial:
"My cat's ears started scaling up, and cracking. It spread from one ear to the other and was starting to spread to her nose. I researched and found Banixx. After one use, it began healing her. About a week later, her ears cleared up completely and she is well again. Saved money on the vet. Recommend."From DoseyDoe, via Amazon
"We have been treating our cat for ear infections for 2 years. The vets have given up. I thought this was worth a try. After one week, the infection was gone. I recommend this product to everyone!"From Eve, via Amazon
"I wasn't sure if this product would work or not but after giving it a try I can honestly say I'm impressed. I have 2 cats, a boy and a girl who both had some sort of fungal infection of the ears from a left over battle with ear mites and the boy cat also had a bit of a fungal/bacterial infection on his back paws, and Banixx cleared it right up. Now both of my kitties are good as new again. I will definitely purchase this product again to keep on hand."From Alyssa, via Chewy
"I am always very Skeptical of products for my babies, but this actually worked. One of my cats ears were really bad, Black funk coming out of her ears and everyone kept saying..”its ear mites”, but the ear mite treatment solution wouldn’t clear up anything. The Banixx cleared her ears in three days, doing once in the morning and once at night. I am so happy this product worked like it said it would. Thank you!"From Amazon Customer
Customer Testimonial:
"Great Product, my old dog had a skin infection and was being treated with meds but she kept losing her hair, vet said she could only control the infection but her hair would not come back, within a week not only has her hair grown back but it's kept her infection under control a lot better than all the meds we had to give her. Spent over 1000.00 trying to clear this up, and all the meds made the dog throw up all the time. Try this, it works 100%."Rita S., via Amazon