How do I get rid of and treat my cat's/kitten's skin fungus, face fungus with Banixx?

Fungus on your cat or kitten’s face (or ears, or anywhere) is an unsightly problem, and very uncomfortable for your pet!  Banixx is a powerful yet gentle anti-fungal treatment for all pets. Banixx is easy to use, safe for all animals and will not sting, burn or stain. Since cats and kittens can be a bit challenging to treat, we have a simple solution! Follow these instructions to treat and get rid of your cat's skin fungus/fungal infection or your kitten’s fungus/fungal infection.

cat with infection on ear

Cat with ear infection

  • Do not remove or peel away the fungus. A good solution of Banixx will, over the course of a few days, ease the fungus from the skin and it will slough off naturally.
  • Saturate the area well with Banixx, using cotton balls, gauze pads or similar, to ensure the Banixx solution reaches the fungal spores.
  • Massage Banixx down to your cat's or kitten's skin

    banixx pet care

    Banixx Pet Care Spray

    gently with fingertip. For this step you might opt to wear gloves to reduce the chances of spreading the fungus to yourself or other pets.

  • Repeat application for a few days after the hair and healthy tissues are growing back.
  • Have no worries, you cannot overtreat with Banixx and it will not damage healthy tissues, burn or cause any discomfort.

This cat skin fungus treatment/kitten skin fungus treatment can be done 2-3 times daily. Consider using disposable gloves to eliminate any risk of transfer of the fungus. Also, washing the cat’s/kitten’s bedding and disinfecting his/her living area is suggested to reduce the chances of reinfection and spreading the fungus. Suggestion, wash the bedding in a bleach solution followed by a plain water cycle.  Spray your cat’s environment with apple cider vinegar. It does a great job of eliminating the multitude of invisible fungal spores that have enabled the fungus to spread. Results will be apparent in a few days.

As always, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. By "prevention" we mean being proactive and involved in your pet's welfare.  For example, if you are using Banixx for a particular problem and results are not seen in a few days or, if the situation seems worse--don't hesitate---it's time to consult with your local veterinarian!