How To Treat Horse Insect Bites With Banixx

How to treat my horse's insect bites, flea bites, spider bites, mosquito bites?

Banixx provides great relief for irritation left behind by insect or other invertebrate bites. Some bites need more advanced medical care contingent upon what species bit your horse.

Spider bites can be lethal to horses depending on the spider species. The Brown Recluse and Black Widow are two most venomous spiders. For any spider bites, immediate veterinary care is strongly recommended. To treat the aftermath of the damage caused by the bite, Banixx applications can then be given for immediate relief.
Banixx is instrumental in providing soothing relief from an itch, or associated infection, from mosquito bites, ant bites, no-see-ums bites, tick bites, or bites from other insects that cause these symptoms.

horse insect biteThe Banixx Pet Care RemedyLisa tells of her grey Welsh pony, PeaNut, that came in from the field with its almost white chest turned pink from rubbing due to a host of insect bites on a hot summer day. “I immediately grabbed my Banixx bottle and sprayed him, patting the Banixx solution into his skin. This seemed to give him instant relief and I continued this am and pm until his chest was back to its usual healthy color.”