How To Treat Yeast infections in Dogs with Banixx

Dog Skin Allergies and dry itchy skin

Banixx Medicated Shampoo banixx pet care Is your dog scratching & itching?  The jingling tags on his collar serve as a constant reminder that your dog is looking for some itch relief. He can't stop scratching, biting, licking, and shaking his body. If your dog is plagued with itchy skin, it may be a yeast (fungus) infection. A yeast infection in dogs or puppies is a common ailment. Yeast is a form of fungus (also called yeast dermatitis) that can cause dry itchy skin, skin redness/rashes, and pain to your dog’s skin and treatments abound. Because your dog is so uncomfortable, he will scratch his body or belly until it is red, sore, and irritated. He may scratch so much that he loses large patches of hair.

You are not alone with this. Itching, medically known as pruritis, affects many dogs and for a variety of reasons.  To effectively treat itching, you must find the underlying root cause, as itchiness is not a disease but a symptom.  Scratching and itching are often a symptom of dog skin allergies and the most common allergies are caused by the following:

First, consult your veterinarian for proper testing of your dog for allergies and parasites. Moreover, the best external and immediate approach to get rid of and treat your dog's dry, itchy skin infection at home is to use Banixx Pet Care. Yeast is a fungus and, Banixx is an excellent anti-fungal for any skin yeast infection; additionally, it is an anti-itch dog spray solution that effectively kills the fungus.

How to use Banixx Pet Care Spray? Simply apply Banixx 2-3 times daily to your dog's skin yeast infection, being sure to saturate the area. It's a good idea to massage Banixx gently into your dog's skin for complete saturation; disposable gloves are handy here so as not to spread the infection. And, rest assured, Banixx has no clinical odor to frighten your pup and is completely painless while also being safe around your dog’s eyes and mouth.

Banixx spray works on contact; it's steroid and antibiotic-free, not sticky or oily, and completely non-toxic. If your dog licks it off after the application, it will not do any harm but will remove the Banixx solution in the process and slow the recovery.  We recommend that you distract your dog so he does not lick the Banixx off, in order for it to have a good opportunity to work. Distractions can help, like anything from a treat or walk, to throwing his favorite ball/Frisbee, applying some peanut butter to the inside of the roof of his mouth or giving him a good head rub or neck massage.

After you apply Banixx to the skin infection, dogs generally stop itching within a day or two. Results may vary from case to case. Please read on further down the page for more information about the causes of your dog's itchy skin or yeast infection.

In line with using the Banixx Pet care spray, it’s also a good measure to shampoo your dog with our Banixx Medicated shampoo.  Unlike other shampoos, our shampoo contains NO soap to further dry out and irritate your dog’s skin that’s already in rough shape but, instead, contains superior surfactants that clean his skin.  This is further enhanced by the rejuvenating premium Marine Collagen that will moisturize, soothe and replenish your dog’s coat and tissue.

Many products are advertised as itchy dog skin cures or skin allergy remedies but, in truth, the answer generally lies in a multi-faceted approach involving diet, environment and a quality skin application such as Banixx. Buy Banixx or buy online.

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Sasha Dog Skin Red Rash Before Using Banixx
dog skin red rash after using banixx
Sasha Dog Skin Rash After Using Banixx
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Darwin with Dog Itchy Skin Problem

"Darwin had suffered with hot spots and itchy skin problems forever...nothing seemed to help and I did not want to have steroids administered since I was afraid of the long term consequences for my pup. Luckily for us, I found Banixx. I can't thank [Banixx] enough for making this product. It is hands down the best thing out there for hot spots and my dog's itchy, irritated skin. Darwin thanks you, too!" ~Rachel

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Aga with Scratching Skin Problem

Aga, a Scottish Terrier who writes for "In and around Horse Country" magazine, reports this about Banixx:

"I have been dermatologically challenged over the last year, due to a chronic skin yeast infection and have had to wear coats to protect my skin from endless scratching ... my owner tried this new product, Banixx. She began spraying me daily with it. The itching and scratching stopped within one day and my hair began growing back ... I grew enough hair that I needed to be clipped! Let me tell you, that was a real achievement! I am joining the list of customers who rave about Banixx. This is the best allergy relief for dogs! Four paws WAY up from me!"

My husband and I recently rescued a seven year old chocolate lab dog named Forrest. He came to us with a double ear infection and skin yeast infection. We took him to the vet to be treated, but the spray and antibiotics they gave us didn't help. My poor rescue boy was absolutely miserable. He was constantly itching! Between using the Banixx shampoo and spray he is now comfortable with no sores or inflammation on his stomach. Forrest says, "thank you Banixx!"
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Dog Skin Yeast Infection Before Banixx
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Dog Skin Yeast Infection After Banixx

Possible causes of your dog’s itchy skin:

Food Allergies  are quite common in dogs because some dog foods contain too much corn, soy or other "fillers." Switching to a protein-based food, for meals and treats, may make a difference. Many dogs do well on a fish-based diet, but be patient while your dog's system assimilates the new food. Also, avoid foods and treats with lots of preservatives; these can be an irritant to your dog’s system which lead to skin problems in dogs. It can take as long as a month before his system absorbs the new food and the allergic symptoms improve.  As you move to a new food, be sure to apply Banixx Pet Care solution morning and evening to help relieve these symptoms. Buy Banixx or buy online.

Parasites, especially fleas or ticks, are a familiar suspect in canine itching. The bites irritate your dog, and he scratches them. Some dogs are hypersensitive to flea saliva. One bite can trigger all-over itching for these sensitive pooches.  A quick check of your flea/tick prevention regime may indicate that you are late with a dose. Treatments require consistency for best effect; miss a dose, and your dog becomes a target! If this is the case, as you get back on target with the parasite prevention program, keep applying Banixx Pet Care solution morning and evening to help relieve the symptoms

Bacterial and fungal infections of your dog’s skin can also cause itching. Scabs, discharge, and odor are frequent companions to this cause of itchiness. Subsequently hot spots and infections add to your dog's misery. If your vet thinks this type of infection is the culprit, she most likely will prescribe an antibiotic.  But if the itching continues, there's a good chance your dog may have an allergy.

 Allergies can include anything in your dog's environment such as pollens, molds, dust, cleaning products or even grass and fertilizers. If your dog's itching flares up during a particular season, the allergy struggle may be seasonal, making the cause easier to find. Testing can be done by your vet, and an allergy medication may be administered.  Dogs with year-round itching may have an environmental allergy and/or a food allergy. This allergy investigation requires time and patience and is not always a conclusive diagnosis of skin condition in dogs. Banixx can be used as a dog allergy spray to bring relief for your dog, but Banixx is not a systemic (internal) product, so will only act as a band-aid until you discover the underlying allergen causing your dog's problem.

"Summer, my dog, has suffered with a red, sore itchy belly skin for some time. She does not have fleas. All I got from the Vet visit was a steroid shot for her that cost me plenty and only worked for a month. Sorry I don't have a photo from Day One but here she is at Day Two of treatment and then, several days, later..."Summer after Banixx applications". Thank you for a wonderful, fast working, non-pricey product"

Dog's red itchy skin
Dog itchy, red skin
Dog's itchy skin resolved with Banixx
Summer with no more itchy skin after Banixx
Customer Testimonial:
"I was a little weary that this would work since it has no clinical odor and looks likes water. I've been using it for only a few days and my American bulldog/Great Dane mixs skin is already looking better! He had some aggravated skin on his chin under his lip and a skin fold on his stomach and it went from red and dry to pink in only using it 3 times. I highly recommend this. He most likely had some dry skin or a fungal infection but this works incredibly well! I spray him straight from the bottle but the area in his chin I spray lightly and damp with a paper towel. "Meggil, via Chewy
"Great product! My dog has been to the vet numerous times for recurrent skin issues. After taking medication he would clear up for a couple of weeks but then the skin issues would come right back. I stumbled upon Banixx while browsing online and it has been a game-changer! My dog’s skin has completely cleared up, hair is growing back where it had fallen out, and his fur is so soft. Highly recommend!!"Leigha P., via Amazon
"I researched the best product for my dog's itchy skin infection. After reading reviews on several sites on so many different products, I found this one to have the best. After using it twice a day for 3 weeks not only did her skin get better but her hair also grew back on her tail. This is the only product I will ever use on any spots she will ever have. Thankful to have found it."By Crystal (Amazon Customer)
"Great Product, my old dog had a skin infection and was being treated with meds but she kept losing her hair, vet said she could only control the infection but her hair would not come back, within a week not only has her hair grown back but it's kept her infection under control a lot better than all the meds we had to give her. Spent over 1000.00 trying to clear this up, and all the meds made the dog throw up all the time. Try this, it works 100%."Rita S., via Amazon
" My dog had a fairly common condition that made his paws smell like stinky Fritos. What a Smell! His feet were red from constant licking. The vet said it was an allergy, it was yeast related [that results in dog skin yeast infection] and I should buy expensive special food from him. I did not do this but, I used to sell Banixx, so, one day, the light went on. I soaked a gauze in Banixx and every day I cleaned his feet with it, giving special attention to the area between his toes. In a few weeks the problem was solved. Now he's clear and we’re both feeling fine. I treat him every other day as a preventative. This was a bad yeast problem. Maybe others can be helped by my experience." Dwight B, Retired Animal Health OTC Sales Person, from Albertson, NC
" Our mostly-white bulldog has had skin irritations off and on, and mainly she incessantly licks and chews her tail. This dog itching spray helped immediately. We apply it two times per day, have noticed a huge decrease in her irritations. Also the ingredients are not harmful to canines, so even if she licks it, it is not a problem. We turn it into a treat time for her so she thinks it's special. HIghly recommended." Stella, via Amazon