How To Treat Itchy Skin Yeast infections in Dogs with Banixx

According to a 2021 analysis of over 1.35 million pet insurance claims, itchy skin allergies was the # 1 cause for dog vet visits for the 10th year in a row!  Dog skin allergies quickly become a yeast infection in your dog.

  • Is your dog excessively scratching or biting/chewing his paws and itchy skin?
  • Does your dog have rashes or areas of red, dry skin or bumps on his body?
  • Is there a “yeasty” odor to those areas that may smell something like corn chips?

If you answered “YES”,  your dog may be suffering from a common ailment called allergic dermatitis/yeast infection.

Banixx Medicated Shampoobanixx pet care

A Visit to your Vet

Hot Spots From Itchy Skin

The source of your dog’s itching could be external (environmental) and internal.

When you take your pup to the vet, she may announce that your dog has “Malassezia dermatitis”.  This Malassezia is a fungus/yeast and is a natural component of your dog’s skin. But, when an event triggers it to grow out of control, it can cause dermatitis that manifests as your dog itching, scratching and biting obsessively and continuously.

Your dog’s itching has many sources, both external (environmental) and internal that cause this yeast/fungal infection.(aka Pruritus).

Banixx Pet Care is

  • Non-toxic
  • Contains no steroids or antibiotics
  • Safe to use around your dog’s eyes and mouth
  • Non-oily and non-sticky making it a breeze to apply - and - no mess on your furniture or carpets!
  • It produces no burning sensation upon application and has no clinical odor to make your pup uncomfortable or scared

Banixx Reviews - What Our Customers Have to Say

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Summer, my dog, has suffered with a red, sore itchy belly skin for some time. She does not have fleas. All I got from the Vet visit was a steroid shot for her that cost me plenty and only worked for a month. Sorry I don't have a photo from ...
My husband and I recently rescued a seven year old chocolate lab dog named Forrest. He came to us with a double ear infection and skin yeast infection. We took him to the vet to be treated, but the spray and antibiotics they gave us didn't help. My poor rescue ...
Aga, a Scottish Terrier who writes for "In and around Horse Country" magazine, reports this about Banixx:"I have been dermatologically challenged over the last year, due to a chronic skin yeast infection and have had to wear coats to protect my skin from endless scratching ... my owner tried this ...
My five-year-old German Shepherd had a skin issue. She had a spot on her back and little flaking going on that caused scabs to fall with some hair. Used this product for about five days straight and she was back to normal with no further issues. Her hair has since ...
Amazon Chic
Darwin had suffered with hot spots and itchy skin problems forever...nothing seemed to help and I did not want to have steroids administered since I was afraid of the long term consequences for my pup. Luckily for us, I found Banixx. I can't thank [Banixx] enough for making this product. ...

Causes of dogs’ itching include:

Dog Allergies

Many are rooted in external (environmental) triggers, but some have origins in internal (systemic) triggers.

Environmental (External) sources

  • Weeds, grasses, and pollen. Ditto above.  An allergy test may help.
  • Perfumes, air fresheners, household sprays. Keep these away from your canine if she/he is allergy prone or completely remove.
  • Carpets or floor coverings.  Best to remove from your dog’s living situation if you cannot rule them out as a causative effect.
  • Moisture - Water trapped in your dog’s ears after swimming or bathing is a problem.  Always dry your dog’s ears inside and out with a soft towel or chamois.

dog allergies of the skin

Dog food with too many fillers can create a sugar imbalance in your dog’s body. 

Systemic (Internal) Triggers

Dog Food Allergies. A dog food with too many sugars or “fillers” (soy, wheat) can create a sugar imbalance in your dog’s body.  Maltodextrin and dextrose..yes, those are sugars! They can promote yeast to thrive out of control.

And don’t forget your dog’s favorite treats. They’re a common source of sugar for your canine.

Although diagnosed food allergies in dogs are relatively rare,  the most likely food allergens found in canines are dairy products & chicken.

Immune System Problems

If your dog’s immune system is not working well, it can’t keep yeast at a manageable level.  If it’s working too hard, it can actually trigger allergic reactions and inflammation that could lead to infections.  This is especially true in very young puppies and senior dogs. A visit to your Vet is in order for this one.

dog with fleas

A bite from a single flea is enough for your dog do have an allergic reaction. 

Common Canine Parasites

Fleas may be most visible at your dog’s hind legs, base of his tail, and rear end.  The bite from a single flea is enough for an allergic reaction.  Fleas are extremely small, may be brown, black, or reddish in color and can jump as far as 13 inches! They will infest bedding, carpeting, name it! So be sure to treat not only your dog but your pup’s environment.

Mites cannot be seen with the naked eye, but their bites usually leave itchy red marks. Visible signs are hair loss (mange - either in patches, or all over their coat), dandruff and excessive scratching.

Ticks are masters at hiding but are mostly found in your pup’s feet webbing, head, ears, and rear end. So don’t take shortcuts when looking for these nasty critters and make sure you know what a tick looks like. See this helpful piece at Pet MD website. PetMD

dog wipes

Banixx is the best way to fight yeast dermatitis in dogs by eliminating the fungus quickly, safely and effectively.

How to treat with Banixx Pet Care

Banixx Pet Care is an anti-fungal spray that gets right to the cause of your dog’s discomfort. Banixx fights yeast dermatitis in dogs by eliminating the fungus quickly, safely and effectively. How? you ask? Its unique pH solution is completely inhospitable to fungus growth. Apply it two to three times per day directly to your dog's dry skin, being sure to completely saturate it. Home-made Pet Wipes may a good way to apply particularly if your dog is fearful of a sprayer. Since Banixx works on contact, it’s a good idea to massage it into your dog’s skin so that it penetrates well.  Consider using disposable gloves so as not to spread the infection.

Signs/Symptoms of Skin Conditions in Dogs

  • Scratching, Biting, Licking - obsessive or excessive that can also lead to a hot spot.
  • Contains no steroids or antibiotics
  • Safe to use around your dog’s eyes and mouth
  • Non-oily and non-sticky making it a breeze to apply - and - no mess on your furniture or carpets!
  • It produces no burning sensation upon application and has no clinical odor to make your pup uncomfortable or scared

Tips on how to Prevent Dog Yeast Infections

  • Watch for summer heat.  Heat and humidity are ideal conditions for uncontrollable yeast growth in and around your pup’s ears, belly and groin areas. Regularly clean these areas with Banixx Pet Care solution to keep the situation under control.
  • Always dry your dog after a bath or swim  This is especially important if own a water-loving pup, such as the Labrador or breeds with long, heavy, floppy ears like Cocker Spaniels, Beagles and Dachunds.
  • Watch those with heavy skin folds like Shar-peis and BloodHounds. Moisture and hence, yeast, can build up on their skin overnight.
  • Or, for dogs with sensitive skin issues or more prone to allergies including Golden Retrievers, Boxers, Setters, Pugs, and various terriers, keep your Banixx on hand! It’s such a simple fix for any of these issues and its veterinarian recommended.

Grooming Tips

Use a soft towel or chamois to dry your pup.  Be particularly attentive to his ears, armpits and groin.  Consider Banixx Medicated Shampoo as part of your preventative routine foe your canine.  It’s a soothing, non-soap dog shampoo with outstanding skin conditioners, and 4% chlorhexidine to take care of any harmful skin microbes.

Many products are advertised as dry, itchy skin relief or cures, or skin allergy remedies, but in truth, the answer generally lies in a multi-faceted approach involving diet, environment, and a quality topical application such as Banixx.  Buy Banixx or buy online.

 A few more ideas on prevention of dog skin issues

Watch what your dog eats - Do your own research to find a balanced, high-protein dog food without fillers.  And watch those treats, they can be a huge yeast trigger!

Check your dog for fleas/ticks regularly and perhaps every day during flea season. You can check for fleas by sight or by using a flea comb.  If you see a small, dark spot on your dog’s skin that’s moving – it’s probably a flea.

  • If you notice your dog is having a tough time with itching, it’s important to seek help from your veterinarian sooner rather than later; however, Banixx Pet Care can instantly start the ball rolling by providing immediate topical relief. If you’re wondering, “How can I treat my dog’s yeast infection at home?” – Banixx IS your solution.

Red Spots on Dogs Belly

dog skin yeast infection pictures
Sasha Dog Skin Red Rash Before Using Banixx
dog skin red rash after using banixx
Sasha Dog Skin Rash After Using Banixx
dog skin problems pictures
Customer Testimonial:
"I was a little weary that this would work since it has no clinical odor and looks likes water. I've been using it for only a few days and my American bulldog/Great Dane mixs skin is already looking better! He had some aggravated skin on his chin under his lip and a skin fold on his stomach and it went from red and dry to pink in only using it 3 times. I highly recommend this. He most likely had some dry skin or a fungal infection but this works incredibly well! I spray him straight from the bottle but the area in his chin I spray lightly and damp with a paper towel. "Meggil, via Chewy
"Great product! My dog has been to the vet numerous times for recurrent skin issues. After taking medication he would clear up for a couple of weeks but then the skin issues would come right back. I stumbled upon Banixx while browsing online and it has been a game-changer! My dog’s skin has completely cleared up, hair is growing back where it had fallen out, and his fur is so soft. Highly recommend!!"Leigha P., via Amazon
"I researched the best product for my dog's itchy skin infection. After reading reviews on several sites on so many different products, I found this one to have the best. After using it twice a day for 3 weeks not only did her skin get better but her hair also grew back on her tail. This is the only product I will ever use on any spots she will ever have. Thankful to have found it."By Crystal (Amazon Customer)
"Great Product, my old dog had a skin infection and was being treated with meds but she kept losing her hair, vet said she could only control the infection but her hair would not come back, within a week not only has her hair grown back but it's kept her infection under control a lot better than all the meds we had to give her. Spent over 1000.00 trying to clear this up, and all the meds made the dog throw up all the time. Try this, it works 100%."Rita S., via Amazon
" My dog had a fairly common condition that made his paws smell like stinky Fritos. What a Smell! His feet were red from constant licking. The vet said it was an allergy, it was yeast related [that results in dog skin yeast infection] and I should buy expensive special food from him. I did not do this but, I used to sell Banixx, so, one day, the light went on. I soaked a gauze in Banixx and every day I cleaned his feet with it, giving special attention to the area between his toes. In a few weeks the problem was solved. Now he's clear and we’re both feeling fine. I treat him every other day as a preventative. This was a bad yeast problem. Maybe others can be helped by my experience." Dwight B, Retired Animal Health OTC Sales Person, from Albertson, NC
" Our mostly-white bulldog has had skin irritations off and on, and mainly she incessantly licks and chews her tail. This dog itching spray helped immediately. We apply it two times per day, have noticed a huge decrease in her irritations. Also the ingredients are not harmful to canines, so even if she licks it, it is not a problem. We turn it into a treat time for her so she thinks it's special. HIghly recommended." Stella, via Amazon