Spay/Neuter Initiatives

October 9, 2017

Supporting the work of animal rescue organizations will always be a priority for Banixx. However, we also believe that an integral part of solving the problem of animal homelessness and overpopulation is developing affordable spay/neuter options and better education for pet owners about the importance of spaying and neutering.

Banixx is working with animal rescue facilities to award monthly spay/neuter certificates for those who cannot afford the surgery. Working through its long-term relationship with Danny & Ron’s Rescue, of Camden, S.C. we are learning how best to fund these initiatives.

Ron Danta says this about Banixx:
“We use Banixx on everything that comes into our care, and, believe me, we see some pretty difficult cases. For all of these cases, we apply Banixx and it just goes to work! We get results in record time and just love the fact that Banixx has no sting and no smell to it. This prevents further angst for our dogs and puppies, who, for the most part, are already traumatized.”

We hope you found this article helpful. Go to our dog page to learn more about how to keep your dog happy and healthy!

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