north Carolina state university vet school

Banixx Gives Back! Scholarships for NC State Vet School

March 17, 2023
For Horses
Banixx Horse & Pet Care Graduate Award at NC State College of Veterinary Medicine The principals of  Banixx Horse & Pet Care products, Bob and.....
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paragold equestrian

Banixx Supports Paragold Equestrians

March 6, 2023
Banixx is proud to have been a major financial contributor and passionate sponsor in the production of the moving documentary ParaGold that will be in.....
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cat hot spot

How to Treat Cat Hot Spots

February 28, 2023
It’s natural for cats to paw at, scratch, or lick their fur on a frequent basis. However, it can be a little concerning (and gross).....
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pet's teeth clean

Why You Should Keep Your Pet’s Teeth Clean

February 15, 2023
It’s always good practice to keep your pet’s teeth clean. It is not only because of bad breath. Dental disease can seriously affect your pet’s.....
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horse stall

Horse Manure Disposal: How to help the environment and save money while doing it

February 3, 2023
For Horses
If you have a horse, then at some point, you’ll have to figure out what to do with the manure. The average horse stalled full-time.....
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Vet Giving Dog Benadryl

Is Benadryl safe for dogs?

January 24, 2023
Alternative Medicines
When our pup is feeling a bit under the weather, we want to do anything to make him feel a little better. However, if you.....
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chicken coop

Easy Guide to Chicken Coop Accessories – 5 Simple Tips

January 13, 2023
No one enjoys being “cooped up” without some space and the comforts of home. This applies to our fowl friends too. Chickens need a safe.....
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farm safety

Protect Your Horses by Adding More Safety Measures To Your Farm

January 3, 2023
For Horses
You LOVE your horse, so now here are tips to keep him/her SAFE!! A blog post on farm safety tips entitled “6 Horse Farm Safety.....
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what to feed dog at christmas

What’s Safe and also…Healthy to Feed my Dogs at Christmas?

December 19, 2022
Let’s all just take a breather, shall we? It’s been a long couple weeks of prepping the house for Thanksgiving, double checking recipes, and slaving.....
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cat ear mites

How to Treat Cat Ear Infections – Updated October 2022

December 9, 2022
There’s really nothing cuter than when your feline friend comes and nuzzles her head against you.  However, what happens if you notice that Whiskers just….....
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