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“What a fun month! One of the events was our Banixx promotion. Banixx is such a great product for infections…. not only because of its quick results but, also because of Banixx’ great versatility and safety for use on ANY animal!  Banixx virtually sells itself!!  another great solution for our Pets that’s Earth-Friendly and made in the USA!!…”

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Jamie & Lisa Bissell of Bissell Quarter Horses – Banixx Fans!

Banixx Takes the Reins.

Reining champion Jamie Bissell knows horses, and he also knows that the best thing for treating skin conditions on his hard-working show horses is Banixx Horse & Pet Care.  Jamie was born with horses in his blood. Jamie’s grandfather had a working ranch in New Mexico with more than 300 broodmares and owned the famous AQHA foundation stallion, Midnite Jr. During summer vacations in high school, Jamie worked on ranches from Texas to British Columbia starting colts.

After training with some of the country’s most accomplished horsemen, Jamie opened his own training business in 1986. Since that time Jamie has trained horses and competitors in a wide range of disciplines including western pleasure, cow horses, cutting and reining. He has NSBA earnings of over $100k and nearly $200k in NRHA earnings. Jamie’s recent successes include 2014 All American Quarter Horse Congress with four championships and 3 reserve championships in reining.

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Banixx Aids The Riverside Sheriff’s Department – Mounted Posse Unit

Banixx donated product for the Riverside Sherriff Posse Fundraiser…here is what Bonnie had to say about the event…

“The Spaghetti Dinner and Silent Auction was a huge success, thanks to all of the wonderful people who donated items. Banixx is very reasonably priced and the benefits of the product are key to horse people who typically have dogs that travel with them too. One key attribute is that is can be used on all animals. I love the small size to put in my first aid kits, carry in my trailer and to have easy access to. When my posse horse got scratches, he was extremely sensitive to sprays that sting. Having a spray that does not sting was a huge plus for me.”

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Mange in Dogs – Lola’s Story

Here’s Lola, at the time of rescue by Kat Nordby from Purrfect Dog Training, Glenwood City, Wi.  Lola was treated for mange in dogs with Ivermectin.  She was told that hair growth would take 3-4 months BUT… Kat had Banixx Pet Care in her arsenal !!

Here is Lola after just THREE WEEKS!!

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Heart to Horse Box & A Horse Box

Banixx is participating with several subscription services where members sign up for packages of horse products (either a one-time delivery or over several months).  Members then receive a wonderful, carefully selected box of trial-size premium quality horse products that may be new to them, or hitherto, not well known. Read More Below…

Heart to Horse Box

Heart to Horse box finds exciting new mystery equine items that will surprise you and your horse every month, or for just one month, depending on your subscription. Heart to Horse Box will hand-pack everything to send to you and your horse at your address.

A Horse Box

A Horse Box – is an equestrian subscription box service! Our monthly subscription box service delivers high-quality products to your door. It is an easy, affordable way to find products that work for you and your horse. When you sign up for A Horse Box, each month you can spoil your horse with handpicked items – from the best grooming products to gourmet treats & more!
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Banixx in Belize, Central America

Jimmy Braun, Sales Manager at Reimers in Spanish Lookout, Belize says this about Banixx:

“Banixx was introduced to Belize a couple of years ago and we have not looked back since! Its versatility, cost, and shelf life have made it an indispensable product for our customers. People have used it on all sorts of animals and we have only had positive feedback.  Our customers are very happy with all of the results from using Banixx. Why, just the other week, a customer came in looking for a product to help with a bad fungus problem that his sheep had around its eyes. He came back, in short order, to report that Banixx had taken care of the problems.

We are very happy with Banixx here in Belize!”

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Banixx supports Freedom Village in New York

Freedom Village is a residential refuge for troubled teens in New York State. Here is what Helen, from Freedom Village, says about Banixx:

“Once again, I want you to know how pleased we are with Banixx. One of the horses had scratches and we soaked a gauze pad with Banixx and then wrapped it over night. The next morning, we unwrapped it, and to our surprise, the scabs were already falling off. Banixx is amazing! We love Banixx. Thank you for a wonderful, amazing product.”

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Banixx supports American Street Cat

Sometimes there are not enough homes for our street cats, and some cats are simply not adoptable. American Street Cat neuters and spays the cats and then releases them.  Abby Haywood, Vice-President says “…an adult foster cat was admitted for dental surgery and we noted a ringworm infection inside her ears. The infection blossomed like mad over the course of the day due to the stress of the surgery. We started applying Banixx that night. Four days later, the visible signs of ringworm were 95% gone. The nickel-sized red and flaky flare-up was gone, with only perimeter scabs left. Banixx is far more fast-acting than the oral medications and stressful sulfur dips and anti-fungal shampoos that we’ve tried on cats and kittens in the past, and we’re singing its praises to our veterinarians, fellow rescuers, and pet owners”.

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Banixx’ affect on Ocular Tissue

Banixx was independently tested on ocular tissue in-vitro (so, no bunny rabbits involved!) and found to neither cause any irritation nor damage to eye tissue. The testing was overseen by the renowned Dr. Gilger of N.C. State Research Ophthalmology Laboratory.

The summation of his report read as follows:

“Based on these findings, therefore, the test article, Banixx, which resulted in a mean cellular viability of 94.79% on the EpiOcular culture system after a 30-minute exposure, would be classified as a non-ocular irritant. …similar to that of deionized water.” In other words, there was no difference between the samples treated with deionized water and those treated with Banixx.

While Banixx is not sold as an eye solution, it is essential to note that since many pet injuries and lacerations can occur in the vicinity of the eye, using Banixx around the eye will not cause any damage to eye tissue. For more detail, please go to

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