The Curious..Dangerous? World of a Feline Escapee!

August 10, 2022

silly catsThat uneasy but curious feeling emerges any time your beloved cat escapes outside for an adventure. Many of us don’t do this – too much at risk — and after you read this, you may be inclined to curtail Kitty’s carousing too! Will she definitely return home this time? Will she come home unscathed from any altercations with other neighborhood pets? Is your cat making friendly visits to your neighbors for extra treats or unknowingly venturing into hostile territories?

These are questions many cat parents wonder about, but frequently don’t get the answers. 

Until now.

Meet Pablo, Bluebell, Marina, Zaki, Pisi and Larry. These curious cats of various breeds have pet parents that agreed to find out what they were actually up to for five days roaming throughout neighborhoods in and around London.  

Their antics are chronicled in an amusing but enlightening post entitled, “The Hidden World of Cats: What Our Feline Friends Are Doing When We’re Not Looking,” by Sirin Kale, published in The Guardian, July 22, 2021. 

The author recruited five cat owners to outfit their pets with a GPS tracking device designed specifically for cats and dogs, called Tractive. The cats roamed freely without knowing that “Big Brother,” (i.e. their cat moms and dads), were definitely watching via their cell phones! 

The results over this five day period were in some cases predictable but frequently surprising. 

feline escapeeFor example, Larry climbed 30-feet up a railroad track embankment and crossed over the rails – a dangerous feat his cat parents never knew he could do — much to their dismay. Pablo traveled almost five miles away from the safety of his home – visiting gardens and allotments along the way. Marina pestered various neighbors for food but then spent the night at a construction site. 

Pisi cleverly ditched the tracking device before leaving home. But not before confirming his parents’ suspicions that he was visiting the coal yard sheds almost a mile away. Zaki was visiting the grounds of a local nursing home. He looked stunned when his mom showed up to find out where he had been all day. Bluebell’s parents realized, from the tracking data, that she returned home when they left the house. A true guardian angel.

The cat owners share their thoughts and discoveries throughout the article as well as those of several animal behavioral experts. A common conclusion is that we think our “innocent” cats are lovable, cute and cuddly at home. They definitely have another wild side as free spirits, independent thinkers and downright brazen kitties! 

Curious? Read the full article here about the wide ranging and wild escapades of Pablo, Bluebell, Marina, Zaki, Pisi and Larry. 

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