Heart to Horse Box & A Horse Box

Banixx is participating with several subscription services where members sign up for packages of horse products (either a one-time delivery or over several months).  Members then receive a wonderful, carefully selected box of trial-size premium quality horse products that may be new to them, or hitherto, not well known. Read More Below…

Heart to Horse Box

Heart to Horse box finds exciting new mystery equine items that will surprise you and your horse every month, or for just one month, depending on your subscription. Heart to Horse Box will hand-pack everything to send to you and your horse at your address.

A Horse Box

A Horse Box – is an equestrian subscription box service! Our monthly subscription box service delivers high-quality products to your door. It is an easy, affordable way to find products that work for you and your horse. When you sign up for A Horse Box, each month you can spoil your horse with handpicked items – from the best grooming products to gourmet treats & more!
Check it out now at http://ahorsebox.com/

We hope you found this article helpful and if your horse ever gets any cuts, abrasions, scratches or white line disease, we hope you keep Banixx Horse & Pet Care in mind.