Banixx Gives Back! Scholarships for NC State Vet School

March 17, 2023
For Horses

Banixx Horse & Pet Care Graduate Award at NC State College of Veterinary Medicine

vet student

NC State Vet Student Kathy M.

The principals of  Banixx Horse & Pet Care products, Bob and Jane DeMeulemester, are producers of the Pet Care industry’s most trusted topical antimicrobial products. This includes sprays, shampoo, wound care cream, and liniment.  Bob and Jane share their professional and private lives with a variety of animals including horses, dogs, cats, and perhaps an occasional lizard or two that has miraculously escaped the clutches of one of their feline hunters. But beyond that, they have a life-long love of animals, especially those abandoned and neglected. 

Appreciative and grateful for the richness that animals have brought into their lives, one of the ways in which they decided to show their appreciation to the talented veterinary professionals, upon whom they have repeatedly depended, was to establish a scholarship at NC State College of Veterinary Medicine to help attract more top-notch students to equine and large animal medicine. 

horse vet student

NC State Vet student at work.

The Banixx Horse & Pet Care Graduate Award, is open to all future veterinarians, with a preference to third and fourth-year students who have demonstrated interest in large animal medicine, an often underserved but crucial area in veterinary medicine. Multiple scholarships are awarded annually to deserving students.

‘The need to relate to the landscape and to other forms of life … is in our genes. Sever that connection and we are floating in a world where our deepest sense of ourselves is lost.’

– Isabella Tree, 2020. Wilding.

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