Free veterinary consultation for Banixx customers – Dr. Richard Porter DVM

October 9, 2017
Alternative Medicines

Banixx is delighted to announce an alliance with Dr. Richard Porter where he will give free veterinary consultation over the telephone. Banixx pet owners will now be able to contact Dr. Porter via email or telephone and obtain veterinary advice and consultation at no cost.

Dr. Richard Porter attended Veterinary College at Iowa State University with a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine. He went into practice with the main focus on large animals. As time grew, he became interested in health and wellness as his small animal practice evolved. He recognized as a large animal practitioner that the farmers wanted him to keep the animals well with diet and supplements. He pondered why, in small animal medicine, they were taught to just treat the symptoms. Diet and wellness were sometimes added as just a side note.

Dr. Porter also was a veterinary consultant for KV supply, where he spent a great deal of time listening to others and researching about health and wellness concerning animals and humans. Across the nation, he has used his knowledge and wisdom not only to save countless pets lives but also to advise their owners what is needed for them to live a long healthy life.

We hope you found this article helpful and if your dog ever gets any cuts, abrasions, ear infections or hot spots, we hope you keep Banixx Pet Care in mind. Go to our dog page to learn more about how to keep your dog happy and healthy!

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