Is Hydrogen Peroxide A Safe Dog Hot Spot Treatment?

May 24, 2019

NO! You Should NOT Use Hydrogen Peroxide on Your Dog. 


Treating Dog Hotspots with Banixx

Here’s why…Many people use hydrogen peroxide for a wide variety of reasons on animals and on themselves. They think, erroneously, that the bubbling cleaner will wash the wound and prevent or heal a skin infection like a hot spot (acute moist dermatitis), so it’s a safe and preferable treatment. But here’s the truth:

Hydrogen peroxide is basically water with an extra oxygen molecule. The oxidation when you put it on a hot spot or wound is what makes it fizz. This gives the satisfying impression that the substance is WORKING. And, in fact, it does help clean the area by attacking many types of bacteria – but:

  • It’s caustic and destroys the very cells (fibroblasts) that are needed to heal the wound. So putting it on your pet’s hot spot will just delay the healing process.
  • It doesn’t work on all bacteria – many types are resistant. Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s preventing an infection when it might not be.
  • Most vets believe its toxicity to cells outweighs any benefits of its antibacterial properties.

So what is the best treatment for hot spots?

banixx pet spray

Banixx Pet Care Spray, 8 oz

First, leave the hydrogen peroxide in the medicine cabinet. Then bring out the Banixx Pet Care Hot Spot Treatment, a popular antiseptic spray that is not only tissue-friendly but fast-acting and affordable. If you don’t already own Banixx, you can buy some here.

  • Gently pat Banixx® spray onto the hot spot and the surrounding area two times a day. Be generous in the amount you use. Treat until the hot spot is gone.
  • It’s simple to apply, but you need to make sure the Banixx® is allowed to work by keeping your dog from licking it off (an instinctive action for most dogs). The more “contact time,” the better. We suggest distracting his/her attention with food, a walk or play session after applying it.

Benefits of this treatment protocol

Banixx® has a unique pH that doesn’t allow bacteria or fungi to grow – and the infection simply fades away.

In addition to its effectiveness in treating dog hot spots, Banixx has other important things to recommend it. For instance, it’s safe to use around your dog’s eyes, ears and nose, and contains no steroids, antibiotics, alcohol or tea tree oils. It has a soothing formula doesn’t sting, burn, hurt or cause additional trauma to the skin. And you don’t need to be concerned about using too much, as you can’t overdo the application.

And, where the fizzing of hydrogen peroxide can alarm your dog and create a hassle in applying it, the Banixx hot spot remedy is formulated to be easy to administer:

  • It has no clinical odor or unfamiliar scent to claim your dog’s attention.
  • It’s not sticky, oily or greasy, so your dog won’t be tempted to rub it all over your furniture and carpets. It also does not stain.
  • You can apply Banixx at home, indoors, as it’s not messy.
  • It can be purchased at most local pet supply stores, as well as online.

To conclude, if your dog suffers from hot spots or small wounds, most veterinarians recommend that you not use hydrogen peroxide to disinfect the affected areas. Instead, care for your pet with Banixx Pet Care, the best treatment for hot spots in dogs due to its effectiveness, safety and ease of use.

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