semi pricked ears on a border collie

How to Safely Clean Dog’s Ears

September 16, 2022
Specific Questions/Tips
As dog owners, we all know that taking care of and cleaning our dog’s ears is an essential part of keeping FIDO healthy. However, it’s.....
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horse flies

Money-Saving Tips to Deter those Annoying Flies that Bother Your Horse…and You!

When the flies start buzzing, landing and biting, our horses are uncomfortable and we can get downright aggravated. But here are money-saving and common-sense approaches.....
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poisonous plants for goats

Goat Care Danger Zones— It’s more than you think!

“Wait, what do you mean there are types of plants goats should not eat?” You might be thinking this right now, and it’s totally understandable......
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silly cats

The Curious..Dangerous? World of a Feline Escapee!

That uneasy but curious feeling emerges any time your beloved cat escapes outside for an adventure. Many of us don’t do this – too much.....
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goat vet

So, you’d like to have some goats? Goat Care for the Beginner is here!

5 Important Tips to Become the G.O.A.T. (Greatest of All Time) at Raising Goats So you want to be the G.O.A.T. at raising goats? Well,.....
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dog drinks from toilet

Why Dogs Drink from the Toilet (and How to Stop It)

Slurp..slurp..slurp.  You look around. Nope. No one’s home… no one except you and Fido. But, wait… Fido’s water dish is right in front of you......
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vitamin e for horses

Why Vitamin E is Important for Horses

One of the most crucial parts of caring for your horse is to ensure that they’re getting all of the proper nutrients, vitamins, and minerals......
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coughing cat

How to Take Care of Your Cat’s Teeth

At least twice a year (we hope), tens of millions of people show up to the dentist and get their teeth cleaned. Why? Because we.....
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Pool Safety Tips for Dogs

Splash! Pool Safety Tips for Dogs

Who doesn’t love to plunge headfirst into the pool on a hot summer day? Summer heat presents the ideal conditions for humans and dogs alike.....
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why do cats push things off tables

Crash! Ever wondered Why Cats Knock things off Tables or Ledges?

You’re just falling into a deep sleep when …Crash! Kaboom!  Something just hit the living room floor.  It can’t be due to the wind because.....
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