Can Dogs Eat Watermelon?

Nowadays many of us are eating better and getting more exercise to lead a healthier lifestyle and the same should be true for our four-legged friends. The growing obesity trend in America is also starting to affect the canine population and they face the same health risks as their human counterparts when it comes to being overweight.

Eating more fruits and vegetables also offers similar rewards when it comes to living healthy, and many consider it one of the great home remedies for hot spots and other skin infections, but many people assume that dogs won’t eat their greens or don’t care for fruit. In many cases, this couldn’t be farther from the truth, so check out these seven produce favorites for your pet.

Watermelon Is The #1 Fruit Dogs Like To Eat

cute dog eating watermelon rindYou may have seen an adorable video recently of a cute, little French Bulldog who gobbles up watermelon while sitting inside of the enormous fruit. At over 90% water, this melon contains more lycopene per ounce than a tomato, and this powerful antioxidant can help to reduce heart problems and stroke instances. Here are some of the most common question people ask about dogs and watermelon:

Is Watermelon Good For Dogs?

YES! Watermelon is good for dog. There’s nothing in it that will cause him harm. And as we stated above, 90% of watermelon is pure water, and a regular watermelon contains more lycopene than tomatoes do, and this powerful antioxidant is well known as helping to reduce heart problems and potential strokes.

Is Watermelon Safe For Dogs?

YES! Watermelon is 100% safe for dogs. Plus, it’s incredibly delicious so your dog will thank you for the special treat.

Can Dogs Eat Watermelon Rind?

YES! Just like with humans, the watermelon rind is safe to eat. Of course, it gets a little bitter the closer your dog gets to the outer most core, so he may not want to eat all of the rind.

How Much Watermelon Can A Dog Eat?

A Lot. We’ve seen dogs eat a LOT of watermelon! It’s 90% water so even if they ate 2 whole watermelons in a row, it would still be OK according to the veterinarians we’ve consulted with.

6 Other Healthy Fruits and Vegetables Your Dog Might Like Eating

Dog With Carrot


Many dogs will gnaw on these healthy orange vegetables like a chew toy until there’s nothing left behind. Not only does this help keep their teeth clean and their breath fresh, the vitamins and minerals can also reduce the risk of heart attacks while aiding with their vision.

Sweet Potatoes

When it comes to a healthy dog snack, sliced, raw, cooked or dehydrated sweet potatoes offer health benefits that give them a shiny coat, can aid with digestion and boost their immune system.


These little “trees” are known as one of the most pesticide-free products found in the produce aisle and benefits a canine’s eyes, ears, skin, heart and digestive systems. It’s also known as a natural anti-inflammatory for older dogs who may be suffering from arthritis or muscle pain.


Although they certainly shouldn’t be eating the seeds, cored, sliced apples are another fruit that will keep your dog’s teeth cleaner and give them fresher breath. Apples also help to lower cholesterol and assist their body from absorbing it while making them feel fuller, which causes them to eat less.

dog with vegtables


Humans are eating more of these purple favorites due to their high levels of antioxidants that help to repair cell damage. Blueberries are also an excellent choice for fiber and can help to control blood sugar that can lead to diabetes.


While definitely not as sweet as watermelon is, this leafy green vegetable was once known for giving Popeye his imaginary strength, but it’s a real source of iron and vitamin K. Packed with flavonoids and carotenoids, these two ingredients are thought to aid in the prevention of inflammation and cancer in pets.

Be sure to check with your veterinarian before making these types of changes to your dog’s diet. They’ll likely agree with these healthier choices and may advise you to give them smaller portions at first to see how they may react to them. Your pet may have an unknown allergy or have some other type of adverse reaction when consuming them, especially blueberries that may cause digestive issues.

dog eating watermelon rind

Just How Safe Is Watermelon For Dogs?

So, in summary, if you’re wondering “Is watermelon OK for dogs?” or “Can dogs eat watermelon rinds?“, then put yourself at ease because dogs can have watermelon and they love it!

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