Jamie & Lisa Bissell of Bissell Quarter Horses – Banixx Fans!

October 9, 2017

Banixx Takes the Reins.

Reining champion Jamie Bissell knows horses, and he also knows that the best thing for treating skin conditions on his hard-working show horses is Banixx Horse & Pet Care.  Jamie was born with horses in his blood. Jamie’s grandfather had a working ranch in New Mexico with more than 300 broodmares and owned the famous AQHA foundation stallion, Midnite Jr. During summer vacations in high school, Jamie worked on ranches from Texas to British Columbia starting colts.

After training with some of the country’s most accomplished horsemen, Jamie opened his own training business in 1986. Since that time Jamie has trained horses and competitors in a wide range of disciplines including western pleasure, cow horses, cutting and reining. He has NSBA earnings of over $100k and nearly $200k in NRHA earnings. Jamie’s recent successes include 2014 All American Quarter Horse Congress with four championships and 3 reserve championships in reining.

Today Jamie and his wife Lisa, herself a successful non-pro reining competitor, live and work at their 34-stall training facility in Fort Valley Georgia. At such a busy facility, and with so many horses both competing and in training, Lisa and Jamie understand the value of a product like Banixx that is effective, economical, and easy to apply.

“We first used Banixx at a show on a horse that had developed girth itch,” said Lisa. “It cleared it up quickly and without the gummy residue that other products leave behind. We were so impressed with the product that we started using it on other conditions.”

Because of the protective boots worn by reining horses, Scratches used to be a common problem for the horses at Jamie Bissell Quarter Horses, Inc. But since discovering Banixx, Jamie and Lisa have seen the incidence of Scratches, and all other skin conditions within their training facility, fall dramatically. “We’ve found that Banixx works especially well as a prophylactic,” explains Jamie. “After a ride, we spray Banixx on the horses’ backs and girth areas to prevent girth itch, and on their pasterns to prevent scratches. And it just works.”

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