Banixx supports American Street Cat

Sometimes there are not enough homes for our street cats, and some cats are simply not adoptable. American Street Cat neuters and spays the cats and then releases them.  Abby Haywood, Vice-President says “…an adult foster cat was admitted for dental surgery and we noted a ringworm infection inside her ears. The infection blossomed like mad over the course of the day due to the stress of the surgery. We started applying Banixx that night. Four days later, the visible signs of ringworm were 95% gone. The nickel-sized red and flaky flare-up was gone, with only perimeter scabs left. Banixx is far more fast-acting than the oral medications and stressful sulfur dips and anti-fungal shampoos that we’ve tried on cats and kittens in the past, and we’re singing its praises to our veterinarians, fellow rescuers, and pet owners”.

While it may not be the ideal solution, it does at least put a cap on the street cat population that is already out there. Once spay/neuter becomes a household word for everyone (as in … seat belts) we will see a great reduction to this problem that has been created by our human world. In the meantime, Banixx is helping these feral felines feel better before their release.

We hope you found this article helpful and if your cat ever gets any cuts, abrasions, ear infections or ringworm, we hope you keep Banixx Pet Care in mind. For more information on how to keep your cat happy and healthy, visit our cat page.