How To Treat a horse hoof abscess With Banixx

How do I treat a horse hoof abscess?

The Banixx Pet Care RemedyOnce a hoof abscess has been diagnosed, the horse's hoof should be prepared by a farrier or veterinarian. Preparation involves locating the area where the abscess is suspected (an x-ray is sometimes used). Once the abscess location is determined, your farrier or vet will genera

lly cut away tissue so that the area is accessible. Once accessiible, soaking with a product like Epsom Salts (a good "drawing" agent) softens the surrounding tissue so that the abscess can break through and start to drain. This is the toughest part, it takes patience. Once the infection is accessible, that is, the hoof abscess is draining well, apply Banixx twice daily with the use of a medicine boot (a baby diaper also works well) The hoof needs to stay in a clean and dry environment. Banixx will kill the infection which will decrease the pain and speed healing. If entry to the abscess becomes clogged or closes, more soaking may be required or another visit from your professional to open up the area again.

NOTE: Banixx is not a drawing agent.