How Much Weight Can Horses Carry?

horse weight

When we think of horses, we imagine large and powerful animals that are awe inspiring in their resilience and their endurance. Heck, we call individuals who are always plowing ahead with their goals “work horses”. It might seem natural to assume horses are a sort of super animal that can always bear more and more weight without issue. This assumption, … Read More

My Horse Is Too Fat

fat horse

We’ve all heard the phrase “I’m as hungry as a horse.” But we never really stop to think about what that means. Horses eat a lot. Like… a lot.!! Like so much that someone came up with an idiom to make how much they eat synonymous with a ton. Unfortunately, sometimes horses eat too much and, as a result, can … Read More

How Much Does A Horse Cost?

how much horse cost

We all know the best things in life aren’t free. But, at the least, we hope they’re not wallet-crushingly expensive. But being able to accurately predict the total cost of ownership of some purchases is unnecessarily difficult. You can hear ten different lifetime costs from ten different sources about the same product. 

People then act on what is sometimes incorrect … Read More

How to Bathe a Horse

horse shampoo

We thought about starting off this article by saying hey, but, as you know, HAY is for horses. As part of being a responsible horse owner, you have to know how and when to bathe your horse. Not only will this keep them looking (and smelling) their best, but it will also prevent them from developing otherwise totally preventable skin … Read More

Why Vitamin E is Important for Horses

vitamin e for horses

One of the most crucial parts of caring for your horse is to ensure that they’re getting all of the proper nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Heck, that’s one of the most crucial parts of caring for yourself. But do you ever stop to ask why we do that? More specifically, have you ever wondered why all of the different vitamins … Read More

How Fast Can a Horse Run?

fast horses

Ask anyone what they think about when you say the word “horsepower”, and, you’ll likely get a few different answers! For some, the image of Ford Mustangs squealing their tires and zooming off into the distance is the first thing that comes to mind. For others, it’s the image of regular ole four-legged literal Mustangs galloping majestically. Regardless, everyone agrees … Read More

How Long Can A Horse Go Without Water?

two horses drinking water

Dehydration is the result of excessive loss of water in your horse’s body. It is one of the most common challenges a horse will face in its lifetime, so it is essential to be able to recognize and treat the symptoms of dehydration quickly – your horse’s life may depend on it! Horse Dehydration Prevention Did you know that your … Read More

Caring For Your Horse: 9 Tips For Preventing Colic


Your beloved horse may be big, strong, and proud – but her digestive system is sensitive and requires tender loving care. A case of equine colic – or severe abdominal discomfort – could be just around the corner, as every horse is susceptible. Its effects range from merely passing gas to experiencing extreme pain and threatening her life. In fact… … Read More

11 Tips to Keep a Horse Tail or Mane Beautiful

braided horse tail

Horses are truly majestic animals. From the top of their heads down to the tip of their tails, their form just exudes so much beauty and grace. However, two of your horse’s most defining characteristics – the tail and the mane – also serve important functions. Your horse’s mane keeps their neck warm and protects them from flies, while their … Read More

How to Treat Rain Rot on Horses – Latest Updates

rain rot treatment

Being a horse owner in a wet geographic area is tough. Not only do you have to be a diligent groomer, but you also have to prepare for complications that arise with increased moisture. One complication you may deal with is a skin infection known as rain rot (rain scald), and it can be a doozy.  So, to make it easier, … Read More